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good moccassin patterns

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  • good moccassin patterns

    hey wondering if any one has a good pattered for mocs, i have one but i kinda find it a tad so-so and i'm looking for a better one, possibly high top style

    if you have any seguestions please tell me ^_^

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    Moccasin Pattern.

    I have made many a moccasin with Missouri River Brand. They have a very good Hi-Top pattern.Try Native American Indian Craft Supplies- Indian Craft Supply- Buckskinner Supply. Good luck, Lakota Wayne.


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      crazy crow and noc bay, then all have good patterns under projects!

      let me guess, black mocs???!!!
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        yep ^_^

        i have to find the soles i had been working on as well... they kinda diss appeared at the moment along with a spool of my ribbon lol

        but yes in black ^_^


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          Have you looked at the thread in the tutorial on how to make hard sole mocs? It tells you how to make a moc pattern custom to the persons foot. It is not hard to convert that to a southern plains ladies boot. You just have to cut the foot opening into a V shape and then make your boot shaft and flap.

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            Cool thanks ^_^

            i'll head over there and take a look, as that completely slipped my mind right then


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              I'll check it out.
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