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  • Drumsticks?

    Does anyone know how to make a good heavy drumstick for Northern drumming? Or does anyone know where I could get one? The foam ones sold in catalogs are just too wimpy.

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    Are you a singer or just a drummer? :p :)


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      I'm a singer on a relatively new drum.


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        I know this is the area for crafts.. but it would'nt hurt to ask this same question in the drum area either... sometimes the non crafty people don't bother to read here, but they might know how to make a good stick like you are wanting.
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          I was kidding (hence the sticking out the tongue smilie)

          I just happen to have a drum stick I made last year, and lo and behold here's an oppurtunity to present it to someone (as if it's an award lol) I do quality work, so satisfaction is guaranteed. You want it? :D


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            Thank you Blackbear I will do that.

            Tell me a little about the drumstick Carmen sounds like a good idea.


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              I'm proud to say, I made a drum stick once. We used fiberglass rods, the kind that hold safety flags on kid's bikes.
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                My guy makes his drumsticks using one of those carbide arrows for archery ... they are really strong, cut the ends off with a fine toothed saw like a jewelers saw (maybe a pipe cutter would work if you dont have a fine saw). Then he makes the beater end and handle end from to pieces of deer hide cut to whatever/however large/long you want them, sews them around using a whip stitch or blanket stitch, turns them inside out, stuffs them really tight with angora or sheep wool, puts them over the shaft, sews down the remaining hide to taper it to the shaft, and tapes it tight with electrical (or similar) tape.

                He made this awesome looking stick that he peyote stitched the whole shaft for the lead singer of his drum a couple years back, it's more a gift than functional, i imagine the beads would loosen and threads would break with too much use.

                Hope that's helpful info


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                  Originally posted by drmthnder
                  Thank you Blackbear I will do that.

                  Tell me a little about the drumstick Carmen sounds like a good idea.
                  Well um, I made it out of tent pole (I removed the metal ends). So you can visualize it's length. It's pretty heavy, I used foam but tied it down good with sinew and covered it with blue suede. For the handle I used duct tape (for a good grip) then covered it with blue suede and it has fringe. :D I decorated it with black, red and yellow tape. You can remove the tape if it's too colorful or if you want to use a different color. So what'dya think? :)


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                    drum sticks

                    I've been known to make a few sticks to sell and give away and in my experience fiberglass rods make the best 'stick.' The diameter of the rod or how much wip you like in a stick is more of a personal preference same goes for the weight. A lot of singers (not all) will have at least 2 sticks they use, one being heavier than the other. There are usually vendors that sell sticks at powwows or guys around the drum that make'um.
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                      So, what else do people use for the guts of their drum stick heads?

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                        aye_how_er_007 has drumsticks posted in the gallery. I don't know if they are for sell or how they were made, but you might try sending a pm.
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                          Hey.... for my handles, like Grits, I used duct tape covered with hide.... but I don't put fringe - that little tickle/slap that fringe puts on my wrist can just get annoying as he!! after a while.

                          For the beater part, I take a LOOOOOOOOOOONG strip of felt, about 3.5 to 4 inches wide, and duct tape one of the short ends to the fiberglass rod. Then i just wrap and wrap and wrap. Then, I grap that bundle of felt with my whole hand, covering as much of the felt as possible and twist it up really tight.... that compresses the felt and makes it harder..... the more felt you use and the more you twist it down to compress it, the harder and heavier you can make it. Then I use that cloth medical tape to hold down the loose end of the felt. Next, I make a hide cover for it (kinda looks like a buckskin condom! gaw this should be in the 49 forum!) that fits over the felt really tightly - in the end of this I stuff a few cotton balls, again packed real tight, then slide the cover over the felt, sew up the bottom, and its ready to go.
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                            Originally posted by LSS
                            So, what else do people use for the guts of their drum stick heads?

                            For mine, I used a fiberglass rod, Duct tape, heavy-weight yarn, and stockings(panty-hose). I wrapped one end with duct tape, till it was about twice the width of the rod, then began wrapping the rod and tape with the yarn. I got this really neat tapered effect because I'd wrap the yarn all the way to the top, and then back down a bit further. Then I wrapped the whole thing in panty-hose, then covered that with some thick buckskin. I think I made the handle too narrow, but it's duct tape covered in leather.


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                              I've made one or 2 sticks. The best results I got were from making the padding from panty hose. It takes a while, but you get a nice weighted head with some padding. I've been told heads that are really hard are NOT good. I also got pretty good results from using strips of old bed sheets. It took considerably less time using that method as opposed to the panty hose, but the head turned out firmer and heavier. I've heard of people using fiberglass fishing poles to cut the rods from. However, I've had good luck with the fiberglass rods sold in catalogs. I dunno how applicable it'll be for your uses, because when I sing, I sing with Southern drums. Some guys I know use the fiberglass from those flags you put on the backs of bicycles (or USED to put on there).

                              For the handle, I use straight duct tape wrapped to my desired thickness. I also used a layer of panty hose on top of it as some cushion. I dunno how much this actually DID, but the stick turned out nice and is still my favorite of the ones I made.

                              For the covering on your head, I now most Northern boys like something "fuzzy" on the head. It helps dissapate the "slap" sound from leather hitting the head. Sheared angora or icelandic sheep works well. Before I knew about the sheering I made one with full length icelandic sheep skin. It looks like you're drumming with an old Dammit doll (a.k.a. Troll dolls). Needless to say, I don't use it much. It's more of a novelty, than anything else. Alternatives I've heard of are tradewoll, felt, and believe it or not automotive carpet.
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