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Help With making a fan (contempory style)

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  • Help With making a fan (contempory style)

    Hey there all who read. I'm confused on the new fans. with all of the featherwork and the small dowel handle. you see them in the "crafts" pictures section. I am all stoked on making one for myself know how to do the design but what is used to attach the base of the feather inserts into the handle and what is the handel's top made of? I am too impacient to ask my buddies at the next pow-wow. I wanna get to work

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    Most fan handles are made of cedar that is shaped and sanded then drilled to the quill diameter and the feathers then fitted. Once you get the feathers to the spot where you like the look you can then GOOP them in place. You can cover the handle with leather once you get the feather work done. You can also do the beading onto the leather and then stretch and attach it after. We have many ways of going about this and we all have our sequence for our steps. All habits!
    The cedar piece starts off at about 3/4 inch planking for those that buy it. I tend to keep logs handy that are house dried and then split and left to dry some more. I have a spoke shaver, a double handled knife that can work to split the cedar and as well to trim it. I rarely ever buy preshaped cedar, always taking what Creator passes on to me.
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      Comtemporary fans

      I think the ones you're referring to are made from those gun cleaning rods.


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        Good morning, I make these fans like you are talking about, I have some pics in the gallery of some of my work. There are a couple ways I know of to make the type of fan like you are talking about, this is one method and by all means not the only method out there.

        You are correct, the handles are commonly made using a simple dowel rod like you can get at any hardware store. The size mainly depends on person preference. I like using 5/8" dowel rod for mine. To connect the handle to the fan I use the regular size ferrule sets from crazy crow.

        One way I these is to cut my handle 4-5" long, drill a hole in one end to insert my fringe and the other end the ferrule is going onto I dremel down about 3/4" on the end so it fits inside the longer ferrule half leaving space all the way around so it doesn't touch. I then epoxy the ferrule onto the dowel using a good 5 minute expoy.

        The fan portion I cut a piece of the dowel rod about 2" long with a notch cut out of the top for the feathers to sit into. It's kind of chair shaped. I dremel down the bottom potion of the dowel so it fits inside the short ferrule piece just like I did on the handle portion.

        Once all my feather and threadwork, etc is finished I cut my skewers down to the length I want and the hot glue the tips of the skewers together to set the feathers how I want them.

        I lay the handle screwed together onto the feathers and use a little bit of hot glue to hold the handle onto the feathers so I can make sure everything is lined up straight. Then I bondo the feathers to the handle doing the back then the front. I use a razor knife to trim the bondo down and shape the cup. Once I get the rough shape I want I use a file or sandpaper to smooth it down. Once it is all finished I cover the cup with buckskin.

        The bottom portion of the handle I skuff the ferrule with sand paper and put a little bondo over it then sand it smooth so it is the same size as the dowel rod. I then exopy the fringe into the bottom. Now it is ready to cover with buckskin and bead.

        I hope all that makes since. It really isn't all that hard to make these handles this way and I honestly prefer the 2 piece handle over a one piece.
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          You should do a tutorial on this with pictures. I'm starting a new fan and I would love to do it that way.
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