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Drum beaters?

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  • Drum beaters?

    anyone out there know how to make a good natural drum beater? Like without metal handles and glue? The traditional way.

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    No. Most folks use materials that the PA crowd would without a doubt find untraditional. There is a guy on here that could probably tell you exactly how to make the type of "beater" you would like and consider traditional... and provided you walk down the right road at the right time would not cost you a dime to make. Those that are singers here, use exclusively man made materials for their drumsticks.

    In my own experience, contemporary singers make the best drum beaters.... they flat out beat the #$!! out of a drum!


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      For what kind of drum, hand drum or powwow drum?
      There is a spot at NOCBAY for projects on the hand drum beater. AS well I use moose ribs as handles, way old traditional! I have a pic of that one in my album here on line!
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