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    Anybody selling any hand made Native Christmas Ornaments?
    Im wanting to start shopping early :) I was thinking of putting together some baskets for gifts this year with like a powwow tape..bagged rice or dried corn... and an ornament, something like that.

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    Two years ago, my daughter and I bought a bunch of clear glass bulbs at the craft store. We hung little items in them, like unmated beaded earrings, made some teeny mocs and a teeny buckskin dress and other little things in them. We gave them away and everybody LOVED them.

    We did a beaded elk tooth too, but I don't suggest that cuz it swung up and broke the glass from the inside.:( is what it is...


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      Actually I had been thinking of making some, patterned after the old whimsey style in red and green velvet (got a ton of it but not big enough to make clothes out of). Not sure when I am gonna be able to get to that yet though.
      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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        I did mini dream catchers last year with christmas colored feathers , an beaded bulbs an mini corn . Havent had any requests this year yet.:D
        Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
        Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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          Send a pic... you might get some orders... for realz. I think most of us skins like giving gifts that have a native flavor.. so lets see what you got ;) !


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            ok will do just give me a few to get through the protest to relocate our ancestors bones Wed Oct 8th , an the pow wow 10th 11th an 12th .. Then I will get busy an post a few pics.
            Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
            Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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              I do some ornaments but a nephews wife does some that I really love. She hand paints on clear glass bulbs. She paints all different dancers on them. She does like fancy shawl dancers, jingle, fancy feather, womens traditional , mens tradish.. grass etc. She usually sells them for $20 each or if in a set she cuts the price a little. She does one of a bigger bulb with singers on it and a drum that is suspended on the inside. It is really cute.. it is a drum that has red felt around the side and is laced just like the bigger ones and you wonder how in the heck she gets the drum on the inside of the bulb since the opening is maybe 1/2 inch and the drum is like 2 1/2 inch diameter. ;)
              Anyway she is painting some more since she sold out of all of them faster than she expected.
              As soon as I can I'll post some photos, if your interested.
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                yes yes yes!!!

                Thats what im talking about ! i think thats a great idea.. and i know lots of people who would love a gift like that... please post a pic when you get one.. and anyone else who does cool native ornaments/ or little somethings to put in a gift basket. I know "She" makes some awsome stuff too. i bought some from her last year.. neat beaded bulbs, things like that...
                Lets keep those ideas coming.. Christmas is coming.. i want to place some orders ;)


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                  I painted a whole bunch of blown eggs (hen and goose) for ornaments in the past to give to family as presents. Here's an old picture of some I did with southern New England painted basket designs. First I painted with watercolors the 'basket weave' on them, then painted the designs on, then sprayed them with several coats of 'fixative' so the paint wouldnt come off, and glued a couple pheasant feathers and a leather bow on top for the 'hanger' for the tree .... they're like the old Native basket designs from this area in the 1700s and 1800s. I still have six painted hen eggs kicking around ... well, not actually kicking ;)



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