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Tying Plumes/Fluffs

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  • Tying Plumes/Fluffs

    What's the best way to tie fluffs to the end of feathers (like chicken dancers tie fluffs to pheasant feathers for their roaches)? How about how they attach the fluffs to their outfits (I would need it to be removable)?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Not tied at all, a wee drop of goop on the end of the big feather works great and holds extremely well! Just do not use toooooooooooooo much or it will look real nasty. If you want a thicker fluff effect then you do need a bit more goop and work the goop into the big feather and then work the fluff into the goop.
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      Some people use the fishing swivels with the clips that open to attach things that need to be removeable. is what it is...


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