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    okay you guys, let's all come out and tell each other about our obbsession about sewing . don't worry every one , sewing isn't bad it's just fine . Let's just help each other councel each other . this is a careing envinomant okay here are the rules.

    1. what happens in this rooms stays in this room

    2. no cussing , yelling or verbal abuse.

    3. use our online voices

    4. don't be affraid to tell us all about your problems.

    5. somethings shouldn't be shared , in otherwords , KEEP IT CLEAN GUYS !!!! and I hope you know what I mean by that.
    I don't sew!
    I want to learn to sew !
    I am learning to sew!
    I know how to sew!
    I enjoy sewing!
    I hate sewing!

    'i believe I can fly'
    Rob Young

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    Hi, my names Rose and I'm a Sewer. Not sewer, sew-er.

    :Cry I HATE sewing!:Cry

    I'm so behind in my orders! *sniff, sniff* I don't think I'll ever catch up. I give people a date their order will be done, then I get lazy or the sewing machine breaks down or I get a mental block. I got orders over a year late!!

    I'm in desperate need of inspiration! And motivation!:(

    *looks around* This is a thread for venting about sewing, isn't it? is what it is...


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      it's okay wyo rose .

      it's your own personal opinion. not every one loves sewing , just like how not every one loves spam ........ but I do :D

      'i believe I can fly'
      Rob Young


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        OK, now you got me talking! I LOVE Spam, fried that is, not the email kind.

        I actually love to sew, but I hate taking orders cuz I get behind.
        I love to put the pedal to the floor sewing strips or ribbon.
        I love to space out while tacking beads.
        I love the smell of buckskin.
        I love to satin stitch appliques.

        I love to get paid when the orders done.:Chatter is what it is...


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          haha well AHem My names SquishY n i like to sew hahaha... i get the mental block somtimes . no orders or n thaaang just fer my family im to scared to make em for anyone else then theyll look at my sewing :Chatter :Chatter O wells nways hah IM HERE :D

          *PRoud SEwe er person HAHa


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            Hi Im Blackbear, I got too much on the sewing table to finish anytime soon and beadwork backed up for years... I love to sew and I think I must have some kind of sick fetish for being stuck with sharp objects (ie:needles, pins, scissors). However, I hate sewing silk.
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              Know what you all mean by getting backlogged with orders. I have men's ribbon shirts to do, most of them before end of November. I have one men's traditional outfit to do over the winter. Oh and I got one jingle dress to do before end of Nov too. Sheesh!
              Need a boost to get motivated to get at your orders? Well I was in that position too. There was a huge conference here and I thought hey I'm going to do up a couple of ribbon shirts to raffle off during the conference. I made some good money on those two shirts. That motivated me to get going on my orders! :D
              "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                Hey.. everyone *grabs a seat*

                Maybe ya'll have noticed me wondering around I noticed this post as I was lookin' around.. LOL.. at first.. I read Sewers.. I was wondering why anyone would want to post about sewers.. as in.. the underground tunnels/pipes/things with sewage. My bad!!

                Anywho... Yes, I'm a sew-er. I love sewing. All summer, I spent my money on material for projects that I could never get started. I spent most of my time sewing five brides maid dress for my sisters wedding. Some of the projects that got put on my to-do list include...

                1. A new top for both my sisters
                2. A baby blanket for my cousin's new born
                3. the material/cover for a baby Tikinagin (cradle board) or nsigiipaizin.. similar to a cradle board but it's.. made of birch bark that is wrapped with material.
                4. curtains for my new appartment
                5. A dress for my niece

                There's so much I wanna do. I have been thinking of designs.. and sketching some clothes that I would wear on special occasion or juss for a night out on the town. I'd like to design/sew some clothing with nish designs on them.

                Plus... My sister has some inlaws that will be coming up from OKla.. so she asked me to help with making a few things to give to them.

                BUT... I've been kinda busy with school to even plug in my sewing machine. *sighs* and it's a brand new machine. My parents got it for my birthday. LOL.. funny ennit?.. I got a sewing machine instead of something like a stereo.

                Well.. nice to meet ya'll fellow sew-ees.
                ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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                  Hello everyone my name Is Mrs, Proqrastinator

                  I teach sewing and have my own sewing bussiness but have no time for myself nor my husband. My husband was rumored to have asked one of my cuz's to sew him a outfit because I have no time for him:( I know that sounds so pitaful. I have new beadwork that isn't all finished. I think this a cry for help or at least a hug. It's so hard to say no when there's hundreds of dollars being waved in your face:p ........:Help


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                    Last edited by ojibwaysweetie; 07-30-2005, 05:27 PM.
                    "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                      *takes a seat and grabs a cookie* iM Emmy and Im a sew a-holic...:Cry im just lazy...i start projects and never finish... except this one time my friend said she wanted to dance but she didnt have any thing to wear... so i stayed up for 2 days and made her a cloth dress shawl purse and leggins... and made me a dress while i was at it...

                      dont have any orders but now that people know i sew they want me to make aprons, and leggins, and stuff i dont know how to make!!!:Mad
                      Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

                      ~Flat Beat~


                      • #12
                        I like to sew but I don't do it very often. I teach bead loom weaving and I like all kinds of weaving which I do pretty often, but I don't sew as much as I would like to. I am not very good at it either....
                        believe in yourself


                        • #13
                          Grabs cookie and coffee and sits down.... hello im a material-aholic... hahaha love to sew but i spend more time buyin material then actually sewing it...I find my best material believe it or not at garage sales, whole bolts and yards of material for 25 cents to 50 cents for the whole thing... so for you sew -a -holics dont forget the garage sales.. :D
                          "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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                            Hi Squishy. That's how I started, just sewing thing for my girls and soon, everybody wanted outfits like theirs. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that gets a mental block.:p

                            Hi Blackbear. I also hate sewing silk and/or satin, especially satin quilts. But of course everybody wants satin!:( We may have to call in an outside councelor to help with your fetish.:Chatter

                            Hi Ojibwaysweetie. Hey, that's a good way to get motivated. I think I'll make something 'extra' just to get a little money on the side. Green seems to always perk me up.:)

                            Hi MissNishnab. Wow, 5 bridesmaid dresses! I'm impressed. And I'm jealous of your new sewing machine. Too bad you're so busy with school , but watch out! Someone else may try to step in and show your machine the love and attention it deserves.

                            Hi Wallflower. Here's a hug, cuz I totally can relate. It's sad when our loved ones have to ask others to sew for them. My baby granddaughter is still waiting for her star blanket and it's getting cold out! The background on my daughter's beadwork is unfinished. And I find it near impossible to say NO to any new orders. Especially when they pay half down.

                            Hi Emmy. I too, am lazy.:Cry And I have oodles of projects that are started and I don't know when I'll finish. I find I work best on a deadline and stay up all night sewing.:Chatter

                            Hi Pony. Sounds like you're naturally talented. The more you sew the better you'll get. You should see some of my first projects.

                            Hi NDNKIDZ. I'm also a material-holic. Today is payday and I'm headed straight over to get jingles and beading needles, then to WalMart for bias tape and fabric. LOTS of fabric. I'll probably even have to buy a new tubby to hold it all. I haven't gone yard saling in a long time, but that's a good idea. Think I'll get up early tomorrow and check them out.
                   is what it is...


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                              okay everyone that's very........ good:)

                              now let's all stop talking and just sit still and breath deep,

                              now repeat after me ......

                              "my needle is my friend,
                              the sewing machine is my friend to ,
                              thread is my friend too
                              I love them all ,
                              spam is a very good food,
                              so is canned corn,
                              whoops sorry got alittle off-track
                              I am strong enough to sew
                              all the stuff I need to
                              I need to get to work if I want that paycheck
                              I need to take it slow and eat some canned corn.... err no not ... I mean .... awwww shucks I didn't saa... i mean ... aww here it goes!!!:(

                              'i believe I can fly'
                              Rob Young


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