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    I know a shawl is part of a buckskin outfit. I know what design I am going to do for mine. But how do I make a shawl?
    How big of fabric do I need?
    Any help would be great!!!!


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    check the archives... there was a thread a long time ago about making a shawl
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      Re: Making a shawl

      [QUOTE]Originally posted by MissTlingitAchievement
      I know a shawl is part of a buckskin outfit. I know what design I am going to do for mine. But how do I make a shawl?
      How big of fabric do I need?
      Any help would be great!!!!


      size, fingertip to fingertip square, so you can hold it easily if it's ever over your shoulders, fold edge over 1/4 " twice and sew/hem down all around ... fringe: chainette or flat fringe (i'm partial to chainette) 14", or longer if you prefer, fringe doubled over into a clove-hitch knot every half an inch (or less, no more than that!)

      lets revive the shawl thread! :D


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        Crazy crow sells a kit to make one also... but not the stuff to decorate it..just the material, fringe and instructions.. but that's how I learned to make them.
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          Hi there, Miss. How's your little one?:)

          Shawls are a piece of cake, especially if you have your design in mind. Bear in mind, that the shawl I made for you was NOT a piece of cake cuz I put that crazy border on it.:p

          'Nyway, look for some fabric that is 60 " wide and get 2 yards of it. I like the "crepe" fabric that I made yours out of, but just about any medium weight fabric will do. Trim the cut ends so they're straight.

          Put a narrow hem around the whole piece. (Turn under about 1/2 inch and then turn it under again and sew.)

          Next put your design on and get it all done - whether sewing it, painting it, or gluing it.:p (Just kidding on the glue.)

          Lastly you can put your fringe on. Most traditional shawls have chainette tied on. You can also tie on shoestring type fringe. Or if you like the look of the ribbon fringe, you can sew on 1/4 inch ribbon, then singe the ends.

          Good luck!
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            Right on!!! Thanks so much!!!!


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            I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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