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    howdy ya'll!

    i'm tryin to gather info, resources, and money to buy and furnish a tipi. i know what all i need to furnish it, but i need to if it is acceptable to wear a warrior society's regalia when i am
    re-enacting at the forts here in west texas around fort stockton. for those of ya'll that camp like the old ways, i need some tips on what all should be there and what i should do. got two more questions, would it be ok if i took two horses, one that a warrior would ride, and one that a woman would ride, with me to the fort grounds. also, are the tipis that crazy crow sell worth the money that u pay?

    thank ya'll SO much for any responses...

    P.S. For ya'll who read this, do u know who used to re-enact the plains indians here at fort stockton?

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    .......................uh, don't know about the rest, but there is a couple in colorado who live full time in a tipi built onto a deck. I think they said they bought it from crazy crow

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