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    I have a question about otter hats. I have a picture of one without a top. Is this normal or can a top be put on one.

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    I think they are normally topless... otter turbans from what I understand are only worn by descendants of chiefs. Man I wish I could post the pic of the one my friend wears that I did some beadwork for.... this thing is GORGEOUS
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      Otter hat

      Thanks Blackbear,

      I guess I'll have to research and see what my tribal regulations are bout the otter hat. I appreciate you taking time to respond.


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        good idea.. I did'nt want to say that ONLY these tribes wear them, but the only one's I KNOW of that wear them are the Ponca, Otoe and Osage...
        Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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          otter hats

          Thanks again Blackbear for that info. I had read a while or seen a hat that the eastern tribes wore. It looked like a hat with rabbit fur, mirrors and a feather on the very top. I thought it was called an otter hat but I might have been mistaken. I saw a kit in Grey Owl many years ago maybe about 1990 or so that look similar. I guess I'll just have to keep on researching.


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            MAYBE ask tom iron eagle too... he's pretty knowledgable in historical clothing... I know other nations wore turbans as well, but what they were made of not sure and the styles vary. It could be a good guess though that the shawnee's might have been made of beaver... You know, I think I will ask a couple folks I know about it for you.
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              otter hat

              Many thanks Balckbear,

              your efforts are much appreciated.
              I saw a movie called, Wind River and a young boy in that movie wore a fur and hide hat. It was about the Shoshone. I think I'll check with some of my friends on the Wind River as well.


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                Sorry for the misspelling of your name. My fingers were typing faster than my brain was working.


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                  Alot of Kiowas wear otter hats when Gourd Dancing too...they might not be as elaborate as the Osage,Poncas,Otoes and such...but look good nonetheless...I wear one....edge beaded on the top and bottom...and the tail drop has german silver conchos.all the way down...graduated.. the top concho has a Marine Corps emblem with ribbon trim on it.....with a beadwork and ribbon tassle on the bottom...nothing real fancy but done in the Kiowa style.
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                    Check Noc Bay

                    Tecumapese, I saw what you are talking about in the Noc Bay catalog. They call it a "Fur Turban Kit".

                    "Made in the Great Lakes Style of the otter fur turban, this kit uses a dyed rabbit pelt that, when finished, looks like the dark version of real otter............................................. .....................$15.00 per kit"
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                      fur turban kit

                      Many thanks spottedeagle. I will check with Noc-Bay. I hope they have a website.

                      And thanks to everyone for your responses. This is definetly a great place to get information. If I can ever help you out, just shout.


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                        Noc_Bar Fur Turban

                        Thanks to ecveryone who responded to this thread. I purchased the fur turban kit from Nac-bay and it arrived on Thursday. I have it finsihed except for some last minute beaded rosettes for decorations. I will be posting a picture of it in the contest galleries as soon as I can take one and get it developed.


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