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  • Tail Fan Making

    I'm looking for ideas on making a new tail fan!
    I know how to make, but looking for new ideas.
    I have two tails - a golden eagle and a bald eagle.
    Need ideas right away.
    Pictures would be good.

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    Hey, send one of those tails my way and I'll make you a keeeeen fan outta the other one! haha! :Crazy

    Seriously, check in the general crafts forum.... I think there was a thread about this not too long ago. Also search all of Str8dancerinAZ's posts.... I know he contributed to that fan-making thread and he makes some killer tail fans, w/ nice beadwork, little featherwork touches, threadwork, and all that kinda stuff. I thnk he even posted some pics of a couple of his fans too that you might be able to cop some ideas off of.

    But of course, you can always try my first offer! haha....
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      You can ask "Dennisined" he is the one who made the fan for myself, or take a look in my picture gallery. Also you can ask BlackBear, as she is a wealth of information.


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        get with powwowbum 49 as well, he does some killer work. i'm sure he'd be willing to help out.


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          yeah i would suggest bum or straightdanceaz on the fans before myself. I've only made a few and they don't look quite like what you probably want. Mine have been rather plain (however attractive).
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