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I need a wedding gift

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  • I need a wedding gift

    It's for my step daughter. She is her mother's daughter but I love her like my own. She says i am way cooler than her dad :-)

    Anyway I would like to make her something for her marriage or something as a wedding gift but I can't think of something that would be appropriate or traditional.

    She is "registered" at places like brides do but store bought won't do. I would rather make her something.

    I can do many different things craft wise except pottery.
    She is Yaqui/Cherokee/Choctaw

    If anyone has any traditional gift ideas I appreciate any input.
    I could do an internet search but input from here is more like advice from family.

    thanks in advance

    Sometimes the Wolves are silent...and the Moon is howling.

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    What kind of crafting skills do you have?

    If you sew, perhaps make a quilt that encorporates fabric pieces contributed by members from both families? Or something for the couple's new home? Are you wanting to make something just for your stepdaughter or for the two as a couple? You didn't mention him so I wasn't sure.
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      Sorry it took so long to get back on here. Life was happening :-)

      Thanks for responding Czechy, myskills are kind of limited. I can bead some, sew some but I have no machine. I can do some leather work, mocs and stuff.

      I would try to learn any skill I need if the gift idea is beyond my abilities.

      I didna mention the groom for no real reason. A gift for the couple would be nice too. But I would also like to make a personal gift for my daughter.

      She is the type to love anything I give her but I would like it to be something personal and traditional.

      Thansk again

      Sometimes the Wolves are silent...and the Moon is howling.

      Home of the Free...BECAUSE of the Brave!


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