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    hey every 1 i found a great substitutuion for leather.....

    you can use leather chamois (the stuff u use to polish your cars with)

    it looks like real leather and is a hella lot cheaper, you can pick it up at any store and it works great. also if you are danceing at a dusty powwow or if its really hot out and u sweat alot u can put it in the washer and it comes on lookin new and smelling fresh

    i use it for my leggings but im sure u can use it for cuffs aprons side drops and the legging things that northern traditional dancer wear the bands wit the fring goin down...

    so many uses for little time

    (only reason im posting this is because for a 15 year old who is the only 1 in his family that dances, it is a cheap subsitution for the real thing) we all know how pricey danceing can get


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    Just wondering, doesn't the chamois cloth stretch a lot? Please excuse my ignorance, I've never worked with it.


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      I could have sworn that chamois WAS made from sheepskin, and it's not exactly all the much cheaper..... are you talking about something different?
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        I bought some once. Couldn't hardly get a needle thru it. It stunk, shrunk, and .....hmmm what else could rhyme?

        I think I did end up just using it to dry the car off. is what it is...


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          yes it is leather but sheep leather and yes it is much cheaper.... 10 yeard of it caost me about 20 $ when 10 yards or cow leather would cost a hella lot more.... also if u use a glovers needed it goes right through... and the smell.....? mabye u didnt wash it 1st you are soupossed to wash it 1st then use it after



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            Black Bear its those little cloths sold at wally world in the auto department to dry your car with . They hang on a hook most times in the deptment . I used it once for a kids dance purse it is still the same shape as when I did it .
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              Hey, chamois isn't that bad. I have used chamois to make dolls and little bags because it had a look similiar to braintan. Granted, it does stink for a while, but then it loses the smell after a time. I never had a problem with getting a needle through the stuff either. Just make sure you don't get the man made kind. It's been a long time since I have used chamois.


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                To ones that have never tried chamois... be careful if you get it at a dept. store... there is fake chamois. I think about anyone can tell the difference but just a warning anyway.

                I have used it... yes, it stretches. Yes it smells really bad... more like a wet sheep dipped in a chemical flea dip or something. :Tongue

                Didn't have a problem sewing it except that it would rip really easy if you pull too hard.
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                  LOL Mato put that tounge back in that little guys head before he gets some flea dip on it ...:D
                  Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
                  Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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                    um..there is a new leather out.. called chamois brain tan deer.
                    I just started carrying it in the store. Its the best i've seen
                    yet. Looks and feels just like brain tan..just not smoked. No
                    problem putting a bead kneedle through it. Just made some
                    moc's with it. Havent tried to wash it yet.. plan to test it.
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                      LMFAO MA I LOVE YOUR AVATAR :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter Iz dat charmin???? hehehe
                      SHAKE IT!!!!


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