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  • Mink skins

    I picked up a couple of mink skins over the weekend. Now I'm trying to decide what I should do with them. I know most people use them for hair ties, and trim on different items. But does anyone else have some cool uses for them???? One is about 24" from tip of the tail to tip of the nose and the other is 34" tip to tip. They aren't a matching pair but they are in perfect condition. Anyone wanna help me out????

    Of course I might just be willing to trade them off or sell them....never know
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    take one and cut iot in half and use the outer part as a bustle trailer line the inside withcloth and cover the tip of the tail with leather.

    take the other and cut a slip in the middle big enough for you to fit you'r head through and use it as a cape collar .. like on a grass set exept without fringe... or like on a otter breastplate.

    also you can use one as a decoration on your dance staff.

    one of my friends is a straight dancer and he got some mink from his grand-mother. they had clips in the mouth and he made a sash by clipping the mouth to the others tail .. we called it the gay mink as a joke.

    wrap it around your neck as a choker

    make a headress out of it by making it into a mink headress(kinda like the wolf headress you see )

    sew it to a roach base and make a roach by sewing through both layers.

    not saying anything here is what you have to do they are just things I thought of while writing this.


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      Re: Mink skins

      Originally posted by spottedeagle
      I picked up a couple of mink skins over the weekend. Now I'm trying to decide what I should do with them.
      How about side-tabs from a men's belt, if they're 'cased' minks slit them down the belly to make them wider, cut to a long matching triangular shapes, back them with leather for a little more stiffness, maybe add some fringe or bead edging down the sides.



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