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    it all depends on what kinda bead you are wanting but try these places and don't forget ebay

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          So.. what cha' all workin' on... inquiring beaders want to know!
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            Yeah what Mato said . An thanks for that site I will be drooling for hoursssssssssss:D I just strated using 13's so I am a newbie with those but I do love the control you have in desing ...yeaaaaahhhhh bead it baby!!!!!!!!!!:D
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                Originally posted by straightdancerinaz

                Mangum's is located in Blackfoot, Idaho.....if I remember correctly. They don't sell online, least they didn't the last time I checked. I'd have to dig around and ask around to find an address for you.

                I spoke with the owner last year......she and her late husband shipped 36 or 3 tons of beads up from California some years back. WOW!!!!!! Imagine having that many beads!!!!! I can't remember which she said, 36 or 3 tons.

                Anyway, still alot of beads!!!!!!!

                I've got a nice little collection of 15/0 and 16/0 cuts from Mangum's...courtesy of of the Mods here. He spent like well over a $100 on beads there, amounted to like a handful of beads.......she's expensive, but, worth it!!!!!!

                I picked up the most GORGEOUS hank of 15/0 cuts from bead501 last year.....just gorgeous!!! Also picked up this hank of seed beads, look like they'd been dipped in glass etching shine on them, just a dull cast. But, they are NICE!!!!!!

                You are making me drool, they sound so nice! Now only if I could learn how to make myself something eh? Whoohooo!


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                  I can get you tons of colors of 14's here..but not smaller. For the same 14's though you might want to check out Miyuki Beads and Toho beads online.
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           has 'em down to 24/o.


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                      did you see the 'lore' page the beadcats site had? LOL check out
                      Beads and Particle Physics :D



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                        [email protected] there goes another paycheck!!!!!!!! :Cry :Cry :D
                        The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                        -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                            Click on Vintage Beads


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                              did you make that suntesha??? that's gorgeous!!! Most of the time I see needle vials that are beaded, they are done with Delica beads
                              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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