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2 Shawl Questions - Flat Shawl Fringe & Ribbon Colors??

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  • 2 Shawl Questions - Flat Shawl Fringe & Ribbon Colors??

    I am working up some shawls for an upcoming Pow wow. I've searched and searched for answers for these two questions:

    1. How do you use the Flat Shawl Fringe?? Is it sewn (sewing machine) on like ribbon or individually needled in with a fringing needle like the shawl fringe?? I would love to see a picture of a finished shawl that has flat fringe. I love the colors.

    2. I read somewhere that you should not put two light colors next to each other when creating ribbon work. But, I could never find more information about that or why. Is this true?? Can someone explain this? I have a design that involves several light colors.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Flat fringe can be attached either way but if you sew it on, it should be sewn on doubled. The ends can fray or snag so treat those with Fray-chek. Be careful as the stuff can stain darker. If you sew on the fringe and ever need to replace a snagged strand, it will be more difficult to do than if you had tied the fringes on individually. The tendency for flat fringe to get fuzzy and snag is one reason ribbon fringe is so popular these days.

    As for the ribbonwork, there really is no rule about how colors are placed together. However, if you look at old, traditional pieces, you will almost always see lots of contrast,
    achieved by pairing a medium or dark color with a lighter
    one. This makes the designs stand out. Often, the negative space is just as strong visually as the positive space. I have seen a couple modern bits of ribbonwork with pastel color schemes. They look good up close but at a distance, you really don't see much.
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      When you refer to flat fringe, you should know that most people will think of the flat chainette or "shoestring" type of fringe. This type of fringe is tied on.

      What you're probably meaning is ribbon as fringe, which is usually sewn on , but narrower ribbon could be tied. is what it is...


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        I am refering to the Flat Shawl Fringe that is sold through Crazy Crow. It might also be called shoestring. Here is a link to look at it.

        I have done both ribbon fringe and regular fringe that is on the spools.

        Thanks again.. I appreciate the help.


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          Come again?


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            TIE IT!!

            I have sewn on lengths of chainette (shame on me! ), and attempted to sew on Shoestring Fringe, but it does NOT GO ON GOOD when sewing. It's so much trouble, that it's probably just as quick, and MUCH nicer to tie it on.

            And I think you can put two light colors together with NO PROBLEM!!
   is what it is...


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