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    Over a year ago a lady came to me and asked me to make her a white buckskin wedding dress. (Traditional style) I said yes, then she decided she wanted her whole bridal party to wear traditional clothing, well wait, i guess she didnt care if the were traditional, as long as it was regalia. She wanted her "flower girl" in a jingle dress, she wanted her and her daughter to be in buckskin dresses and she wanted her "ringbearer" to have fancy regalia. i told her i wouldnt do a bustle, so she had to have the boy grass or traditional. she decided she wanted him to be traditional (but she got somoene else to make a bustle for him) I talked her out of a jingle dress for the little girl because she had NO understanding of the dress, but she liked the noise it made. i was like, ok.... its your wedding day, do you want everyone looking at your fidgety flowergirl or you? so she changed her mind and went with Traditional. so, heres the deal, she has been very hard to get a hold of. She has changed her wedding date 3 times since she first came to me, and in September she told me she moved it back to Nov. 1st. then she called me in October and said she moved it back to the middle of November. so here i was trying like mad to get ahold of her most of september, and alll of October and she finally gets ahold of me 2 weeks before the 1st of November and says that she wants me to finish her stuff. Her wedding is suppose to be the 22nd. which means that i had 3 weeks to get everything finished. I told her back in October that i needed to have final measurements by Halloween in order to get everything finished in time, and she has yet to bring me either of the kids. Should i give her back everything she purchased and wash my hands of it? I hate to leave her "high and dry" but it seems to me that it wasnt my fault she hasnt done a damn thing to get the job done. We agreed that she would pay half when she ordered and half when the stuff was finished, she hasnt give me any money, but she has paid for all of the supplies. What should i do?
    What would you do?


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    Sounds like she may be a little wishy washy to me. If I were you, I would not hesitate to ask her for some$$$. You are obviously putting alot of work into her wedding, and I can assure you that if she were to have gone to a bridal botique they would have gotten a deposit. She may have paid for all the supplies, but come on... you are putting alot of time into it, and deserve some money. Unfortunatly some people will take advantage of others in a heartbeat. Not saying that is what is happening, but it sounded like you do not know this person real well, and you never know!!!


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      Yeah I would ask for the same.. BUT I would tell her, that you need the downpayment and the measurments in the next two days or you will not finish the work. If she then wants to try someone else, that will be her decision..but she's beating around the bush there it sounds like.
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        Yep I am with them get the money , make her make the choice . Dont get stuck like my friend did . Contracts are your friend when doing things like this.
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          The nice thing is since she paid for the supplies and she does back out, you're not out completely and you can always sell them to someone else;)
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            I think that the answer to this is simple give her all the stuff she bought back and tell her that she cannot possibly expect you to finish it.! lol........umm me myself i would tell her off! :Chatter


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              because shes been so wishy washy--tell her you want 75% of the money before you go any further with the deal. if she refuses to give you the money you have every right to hold her stuff until she compensates you for the time you already spent. she sounds kinda flaky(you would think that a wedding dress might be alittle higher on the priority list the closer the wedding gets) and you deserve to be paid for the time you have already put in.


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                wedding date

                So, this lady calls my house and leaves a message.
                Shes pushing back her wedding date untill may. shes like that gives you over 100 days to finish it. i wanted to yell at her, IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU WAIT 3 YEARS, IF YOU DONT BRING ME THE KIDS TO MEASURE, I CANT DO IT! of corse I didnt because well, it was a message ;) so. hmm... shes like well, i could bring the kids down at thanksgiving. but i already have a room reserved for 3 nights in Toronto. Shes kind ticking me off, and im not sure i want to do this anymore, except for the fact i need the money. :(

                Hey Ashyknees ;)


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                  HMMMM.... I say give her stuff back. If she did give you the measurements for the kids they probably would out grow what you made by May anyway. She sounds kind of iffy to me!!! My mom has been screwed by people that sound just like her. Sounds like she is putting unneeded stress on you. Go for it give her stuff back and let her worry about it. :)


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                    Sounds to me like she's going to continue doing this, who changes their wedding date that many times???? Unless they really don't want to get married. I know Christmas is coming soon and extra money always helps, but while you are waiting around on her, you could be making other things for other people who are a little more appreciative of your skills.

                    I think it's about time to call this lady up, explain to her that you don't need the negativity in your life because she can't give you what is needed to finish her stuff. Tell her she need to find someone else to make her dresses and since she changed the date AGAIN she'll have 100 days to have someone else make the stuff. :D
                    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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