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do i need two full eagle wings for a bustle

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  • do i need two full eagle wings for a bustle

    I have my first eagle sent to me but i used the top wing of one for a fan...I want a bustle now for my northern traditional. Im curious. will I need two full wings for it? Im thinking I will need my wife to request another eagle for the bustle ??

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    I usually do , but you could make a small bustle with what you have left .
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      Just depends on how big you want your bustle. Personally for myself, I prefer smaller bustles. Theres usually too many people always bumping against your feathers so, I try to keep them kind of small to protect the feathers.

      I usually start with the feather just after the spikes and so, you end up with around 13 or so feathers from each wing. It makes a nice small round bustle. If your into big bustles, then you'll prolly want two full wings.


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