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  • Fancy shawl dress

    Does anyone know how to make a fancy shawl dress that is one piece? I am wanting to make one for my daughter with a zipper in the back but, can't figure out how to do it. If you could give me some ideas I would appreciate it. THANKS!!!

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    Just wandering if you had gotten any answers to your one piece fancy shawl dress question. I am to trying to make a dress for my little girl and so far..I cannot find a pattern for the dress. Any sugesstions please would be great.


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      I Am Using My Old Jingle Dress Pattern For The Dress..Maybe If You Go To Walmart Or Know Somebody That Has A Jingle Dress Pattern Maybe Ask Them!

      Anyways Heres A Couple Links To Some Patterns Of Dresses On Crazy Crow Trading Post!

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        pattern making

        you may try just buying a regular girls dress pattern and adding or subtracting a little bit here and there for what you need especially if you want it to have a zipper. or you could make a pattern. its actually pretty easy to make a fancy dance dress-one piece. pm me if you want me to explain the pattern making step by step
        good luck


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          how about just a slip over? I'm with ndngirl73, I just buy patterns close to what I want and modify them most of the time. Modifying is easier than you would think.
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            Fancy Shawl Dress

            Try this...

            get paper & pencil and sketch the dress design you want..

            long sleeve or elbow length?
            how much ruffle in the skirt portion?
            do you want it as a pullover or with a zipper? If pullover you don't need that much head opening, just maybe a button cloosure or a small zipper, unless you know how to make a zipper length.

            get out the markers, crayons & color pencils to make a color design scheme.

            next, ya might wanna look at some patterns... crazy crow has some patterns... or look for the patterns at powwow vendor tables. Eagle's View Publishing/Patterns make some patterns too.
            Or look for a pattern of dresses & skirts in the general section of the pattern book or look in the halloween section/costumes sections of Simplicity, Mc Calls, Butterick at the fabric store.

            Remember, you may have to adjust & modify to get what you want. TAKE YOUR TIME TO DO IT RIGHT.

            I hope this may be of some help. GOOD LUCK!


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