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2nd porky hair row

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  • 2nd porky hair row


    Quick question i'm making a second row for my new roach with porky hair. do I put the shorter (5"-6") row on the outside of the or inside of the main row, like in front of the row of normal hair or behind it?

    Rob young

    'i believe I can fly'
    Rob Young

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    Did you try sending powwowbum a pm?????
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      No not really I've been kinda busy with school and cwreenacting , I think it's bad when you are beading in your tent after camp visitor hours when our civil war persona is gone . luckily my tent buddy is a drummer getting into dancing . I was hoping he would just reply to the post instead of me having to go to the trouble of PM him , mbesides a post could help some future soul that has the same delema.


      'i believe I can fly'
      Rob Young


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        It doesn't matter which way you put it on (first or second), I personally always put the second (crown) row on first and then put the main (full length) row over it.

        Now with that said I sure hope that by 5-6" row you mean that is how much is tied each side of center and not the total length or the height of the porky hair. The crown row should be long enough to go at least all the way around the crown and should use the same height hair in the same amounts as the main row.

        Hope that helps

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          actually I did my second row of porky row shorter than my main row . that's what it said on the instructions. it's to late now I'm finished with that row . I'll put it behind the main row do you think that will look okay ? the 5-6" is the hieght of the hair on the second row that I tied...... that's it I'm going to try noc bay next time this is the second thing crazy crow has eather cheated me on or made unclear and made me goofed up on.thanks for the help guys this really helped me.


          'i believe I can fly'
          Rob Young


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            My roaches have that "crown row" on the inside, with the full row going around it and around the remainder of the roach base.


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