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Wonder-under or Heat&Bond?

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  • Wonder-under or Heat&Bond?

    What do you guyz like to use? Iuse heat&Bond(Lite) better. The lite , is so much easier for me. Do not use the red stuff. I've tried wonder-under , but when I would peel it apart, the sticky stuff would come apart with it . So I stick with heat and bond. I buy it at walmart , you get a better deal that way.:p

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    Heat n Bond Lite
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      Does heat & bond lite get a sewing maching needle all gunky? I haven't tried any of this stuff out (mainly because I am sewing machine be PC about it :D ). At one time, I think I remember hearing someone say how some of that stuff left their machine's needle all gunky.


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        I use both...
        Heat n Bond lite I use for smaller designs.
        For layered or large designs I use Wonder Under...I like that it doesn't finish with a 'stiff' look.

        But of course....I buy Wonder Under about 25 yards at a time cause I don't think we get it here in Ontario. That's what I bought this past weekend. :)

        About the gummy needle...Heat N Bond (red no-sew kind) may gunk your needle up abit. But I find that your thread will break alot while trying to sew the edges. One way to definately get your needle all 'gunky' (is that a word?) using Heat N Bond (red) on sequin material. Tip: Use a cloth and wipe it clean with alcohol. And I aint talking beer! aye jokes


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          i like both but i use wonder uhnder a lot more. I use the light weight stuff more often. its not as gunky as the heavier stuff.


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            I have used that Heat n Bond lite. Had no problem sewing with it, I just thought I would have gotten "more stick" with it, but I guess I wanted that, I should have went with the red!*lol* Oh well, all I know, it is good for the big pieces, and a hell of a lot eaier then tryin to pin it all down and such.


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              If your needle gets gunky

              Clean it with rubbing alcohol and then apply vasiline on the needle. A few weeks ago I couldn't find any vasilne so I had some carmax(chapp stick) I just rubbed that on and it went so much better. My needle gets gunky when I use Heat&bond Heavy or sequin material. :Angel:


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                Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I use Sewer's Aid it comes in a little tube (like a Fray Check lookin tube) I like heat n bond lite. I tried wonder under and it didn't even iron onto the fabric. Oji how do you get it to iron on the fabric cuz I'd like to try it again because I want to experience designs w/out the stiffness lol I made the mistake of using the heat n bond red no sew stuff on the designs of one of my dresses and it's so dang stiff! But I can't imagine doing designs w/ out heat n bond it makes it so easier and it looks nice.
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                  I'm not a fan of Heat-n-Bond. I don't have the patience to work with it. The wonderUnder is okay but sometimes I can't find it. I normally use a light fusible interfacing (Alene's) and dabs of glue stick. Price-wise, the interfacing is a better deal for me than the wonderUnder. Also, no needle gunk or skipped stitches! Yea!!


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                    If your needle gets gunked up using confetti dot fabric or anything else, get this silicone spray. It comes in an aerosol bottle at any fabric store and its like $4 or something. You spray it on the needle, thread and fabric. Doesn't hurt the fabric and you will never break or gunk up another needle. Promise. It is the only reason my mom ever sews confetti dot now!


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                      Heat-n-Bond Lite for the small designs and Wonder under for the big designs.


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                        I like wonder under, but you do have to use more heat for the wonder under to bond well, or else it wont stick to the fabric enough and youll peel up the sticky stuff along with the paper.

                        Heat n Bond is good too, I use that when I can only get to Walmart and not all the way into the city for wonder under.

                        But I have had a few frustrating episods of sewing at the 11th hour with a gunked up needle using heat n bond. From reading the posts, I have learned that I must have been using too heavy of a weight. *argh* Mental Note: Red=gunky stiff


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                          WONDER-UNDER!! The price is right, you can do lots of layers, and doesn't gum up my needle (much).

                          Heat n bond is ok if you don't have to sew it. I'll have to try the Vaseline thingy. I tried WD-40 and doesn't work that well. Most of the time when I sew with sequin fabric I have to put strips of paper down over it to keep from getting all gummed up.

                          I think the new directions for wonderunder call for steaming it on when you press it.
                 is what it is...


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                            Yes.. I admit it.. I too sometimes suffer from...............

                            GUNKY NEEDLE EPISODES!! :Blush

                            Anyway...... the confetti dot material heat and bond heavy duty

                            What I use to un gunk (or is it de gunk :Thinking) is a small bottle of GOO GONE. It smells like orange/citrus. It also removes the tar from cars and bumper sticker goo!! I love this stuff! :p
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                              Heat and Bond

                              I dont have a problem when i use the heat and bond lite. Ive never had it gum up my needle, and its never given me a problem sewing sequin stuff. I usually dont sating stich it, i just zigzag. ON my sons outfit i used red sequin stuff, and when i did the turtles i zigzaged them the i used red sequins for their middles, (look at the pic if it doesnt make sence) i used the no sew and then used red glitter paint to seal it down. the glitter paint is still really nice, but i dont advise using it for large amounts of applique. Also, where the turtles lay, they dont get folded or anything, so i dont have to worry about the paint cracking or anything.

                              I love Heat and bond lite, The new sew stuff still has to be sewed or at least sealed with fabric paint or super glew. shoot that stuff didnt even last 2 months. Also, i think that the heat and bond lite is nice, and they produce flexable appliques as long as you dont have like 8 layers.

                              I havnt used wonder under to often, but since im happy with the heat and bond lite, and its pretty cheap and easy to find, ill continue to use it.

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