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  • Feathers....

    :chief: Learning of my heritage very slowly...I am Cheyenne/Cherokee, but am trying to learn the Cheyenne ways.
    I want to make a dance fan with Hawk feathers, also use them in my hair...
    Long story short, these feathers were gifted to me, by 2 very special Hawks, that have made their home in a tree, outside my window.
    Do not want to offend anyone, but keep hearing I am not allowed to use these.....and don't understand why.
    Help, please ??? !!

    nea'ese.... HeEvoNehe


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    I am in no way an expert in feathers or anything like that, but the best thing I can advise is to learn what the people of your tribe do in regards to feathers. For example, some people believe that feathers won't have any power unless you give them to someone else...

    There are many different views on it. It's best to do research on what the significance of the feathers are to your people and go from there...


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      One more thought

      If you're not a card carrying member of a registered tribe, posession of those feathers is illegal. Be very careful about that, and get a card.

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        For the use of feathers...
        what type of feather do you want to use? Then ask some elders of your nation as well as other nations for advice. Explain to them how you want to use them, where they are coming from and then go from there. And remember to give them an offering for their advice. Then pray on it, think on it, and the answer will come to you.


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          Yep go to your elders and if you are'nt enrolled you best not get caught because the fines for raptor feathers are hefty
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