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Rhinestone cape, cheezy or cool?

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  • Rhinestone cape, cheezy or cool?

    I'm not sure if this is a "bright idea" or a total bust!

    I'd rather have people here say it is cheezy before I do it and then find out when everyone busts out laughing!

    I was thinking of trying rhinestones on a cape instead of the old sequins or cut beads. This would be on a little girls cape with butterfly appliques.

    I also thought it might look neat instead of the sequined dot fabric everyone is using, to use the colored rhinestones to make designs on satin fabric ribbonwork/appliques. Since the rhinestone come in all different colors, I figured just apply then around the edges of appliques or fill in the designs with the rhinestones.

    There is a neat tool I found on the internet called a BeJeweler, where you can order crystal rhinestones loose in bulk and with this little tool pick each one up, press down and it attaches it to the fabric. The sequins have flat backs and come in all the colors with lots of sparkle. When I saw it, my inspiration started inspiring!

    Is this just waaaaaaaaaaay too cheezy, or has anyone else tried this or seen it come out really neat??????

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    its for a lil girl?
    i say do sounds good....u'll never know unless u try and u might start a trend!!!
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      It sounds like a cool idea just make sure to post some pics!


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        ANY THING on little girls is NEVER Cheesy!! You might start a trend if it looks good!!! I say go for it!
        Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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          I am so relieved that so far everyone likes the idea.

          I think I'll order the tool later this week and see what I can do with it, I will be sure to post pics! I just finished one dress for her, so I might accent the applique work on it with the stones and snap some shots of in the next couple of weeks.

          Thanks for the encouragement!
          Wish me luck!


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            I think I know what the tool is...I think my auntie made me a denim jacket with jewels on it when I was little. It was acid washed denim and completely 80's. BUT, some of the jewels fell out of their settings or whatever held them on. Maybe they've improved it since then though! lol


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              lmao i never thought of makin a bejeweled outfit... or like putting it on the edges of applique that would be cool as long as the stones dont fall out... i spose youd just hafta be careful with it so they dont come loose.... i saw one of those things at walmart now i kinda wanna go buy one and try it on my daughter's lol....


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                I saw the one at WalMart, too and thought about getting it there.

                A friend of mine who is really "crafty" said the pink on from Wal Mart doesnt get as hot as the professional grade tools, as more kids use the WalMart ones. Because it doesnt get as hot, the jewels dont bond as deeply into the fabric and they are more prone to fall off in the washing machine I guess. I'll definately do a few "test" pieces on t-shirts first to see how the jewels bond and put them through a few washing and dryings to see if they really are as washable as the manufacturer claims.

                The professional grade one I was looking at is at I had planned on buying it this week, but other urgent things sprang up, so Ill have to wait another couple of weeks to get it, but I cannot wait to experiment!


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                  Rhinestone cape

                  You know it is amazing how innovative we are when it comes to designs and outfits! I would say do it!

                  Take a look at the cape (cheaters applique post)I am working on for my daughter. I used rhinestone trim (long string of small rhinestones) sewn along the edge of the cape. A lot of pw peeps are already doing this on pw crowns and outfits. Sorry about the size of the pic but you get the general idea. I got my rhinestone trim from goldnbrat off of ebay. Have fun



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