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Tanning Hides????

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  • Tanning Hides????

    I need help please. Can anyone direct me please to where I might find out how to process the hide of a deer for tanning and preservation with fur?

    I appreciate any and all ideas or methods.

    Kauai Powwow Dancin' in Paradise

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    Go to:

    Native American Technology & Art: An internet resource for indigenous ethno-technology focusing on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian Peoples; providing historical & contemporary background, technical instruction & references.

    and go to "leather and clothes" and then "tanning"

    They have good articles about native-style tanning methods, and links to good websites.


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      Tons of info here plus a message board for tanners and leatherworkers:


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        thank you both for your suggestions...I am heading on over to both websites. thank yous again:-)
        Kauai Powwow Dancin' in Paradise


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