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  • Leather

    I have a piece of strap leather that I'm using to make a concho belt and I'd like to know how to simply darken the leather. Any advice?


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    Do you want to darken it or dye it another color (ie. black, white, etc.)?
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      And what color is it now,or is it unfinished leather ?


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        The leather is unfinished so it's light, beige in color. I'd just like to slightly darken to a more golden hide color. Is that possible?

        Thanks again,


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          It can be done. I'm not sure what Oklahomaleather carries but

 has dyes and stains.If you check their site
          find the dyes on the list and go thru the colors and find 1 that you want or maybe find somebody local who might have something.:)


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            and you might check with your local shoe repair shop for dye.. or you may only need to wipe the leather with cream. I"d ck into Fieblings buckskin color leather dye, gives a great tan look.
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