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    now this may sound wierd so those of you who who have a sick stomach or are overly dramatic please go to another thread.... i rarely hunt, and a friend of my dad's brought me a deer tail fresh off the sucker . I don't know how I can preserve it so i can use it for making a roach , it's a mighty big one and another 3 maybe more and I could make a good 18 inch roach inside and out. I just need you guys to help me out here, the tail is in the freezer , and now i'm going to see if can help me.


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    You take a nice sharp knife and split it open from bottom to top and the pull it off the meat and bone. Then tack it open on a board stretching it as you go. Now if there is any meat or fat or anything left you need to scrap it off and let it dry out. This basically turn it into rawhide with the hair still attached.

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      thanks alot . also I thought I might share a little trick I've done with my deer tails . it'as a trick my dad learned in his fly tying skills( my dad fly fishes) when you get the tail and the thing is dry and such find the darker area where the white hair meets the dark and cut it along that line


      'i believe I can fly'
      Rob Young


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        What powwowbum said, in slitting the underside of the tail from the base to the tip, pulling it off the bone, and tacking it fur side down to a board. I then put borax or salt over the flesh and it helps speed up the drying a little. Should take about two weeks. I wash and comb out the the hair afterwards, being careful not to re-wet the hide too much, then dry it again. That's a great tip too, in cutting off only the section of white hair, is to cut with an exacto blade or knife along the dark/light line on the flesh side.

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          After you do what the outher threads suggested, I heard of using cedar chips, or what I did was use coco chips to dry it out with, it will decrease the smell a bit, just a tip.


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