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need help on just drying a deer hide

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  • need help on just drying a deer hide

    I am going to flesh and dry a deer hide and use it that way I am looking for some help on the easiest way to dry it and the best way

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    salt it up really good and stretch it out using nails to keep it stretched out... that's how I've seen it done, however someone else might have a better idea.
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      After you have fleshed it, stretch it on a frame. With the cool/cold weather, it will take a little while. And keep it away from dogs, cats, etc. Salting a hide is the most common way to preserve it. If you salt it, make sure the excess moisture drains off. You can keep it this way for several months, but don't forget to salt it again. But, salt draws moisture. I have a bobcat hide that was salted and after it rained, it got a damp feel to it. Deer hairs are hollow, and will break off if it gets wet. So try and keep it from getting rained or snowed on. I do living history programs, and have 2 large buffalo and an elk that I use for a temporary dwelling. I keep the elk and the buffalo tacked to the barn wall, and the other is in a frame. They stay pretty dry and flat when doing it this way. Another way to keep a hide to lay flat, is to place it on the hood of one of the cars you may have in the yard that is up on blocks. :)



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        ok now what I didn't say before was I was going to use it on some crafts.

        can I still do this without tanning it??? or will it go bad as some would say???


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          I think you may have a few of us confused as to what your asking. What is it that your trying to use the hide for?
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            Tanning Hide

            If you are going to use the hide for crafts you will need to.
            Scrap all hair an meat an membrain off the hide .
            Stretch an dry . After is has dried you will take neatsfoot oil or murphys oil mixed with one part water , brush on the dry hide both sides . Then take it off the stretcher an begin to work the oil into the hide . You will do this either over a piece of wood or a old chair back . You break it all the way across <......................> then down till you reach the bottom . Take your time an do not over work the hide . This will work the oil into the hide an make it soft . Without brain tanning it , it will be harder but easy to work with for crafts. If the hide is not soft enough soak it in the oil mix over night an wring an work again until it is as soft as you need you will work it till it is dry .
            If you do not use any oil or brain to tan it . It becomes rawhide. Which you can not bead on or sew on.
            Hope this helped!:D
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              I want to thank everyone for their help I decided to buy a tanning fomula from adirondack outdoor supply it worked great it came out soft but I can make it softer by working it. So thanks again


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