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  • ????

    Anybody know how make buckskin thongs? The rock wants to know. He's already got the sinew garters......
    Last edited by pow-wow-wooer; 12-14-2001, 03:37 PM.

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    :Chatter The easiest way without having to use new buckskin is to use the scraps from your buckskin bras but make sure that you only do your beadwork on the center of your thong or you will find any overlapping beads to be iritating.


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      It's called a garter belt, used for "keeping up" nylons!

      As for the thong part, just watch CISQO'S video, that should drown the fire


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        awww man....pathetic pow-wow wooer...

        mr. "example for today's youth"

        you want your "garters" back????



        ps....sorry to those in here who's time I just wasted....


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 I've been following these posts this "me know'um more than you!!" cat for a while now, don't even bother with him. Later bro!


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            Ahhh gee..took me two replies to realize you all were talking underwear LOL!!! And here I was going to say to punch a hole in the middle of a hide and use a cutter in a spiral..or to cut strips with a rotary blade...SHEESH!!!
            Still woudl'nt mind seeing my honey in a buckskin thong though...hehehehehehehe!
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              HOW TO MAKE THONG:
              okay just take a scrap of deerskin(your choice of color)
              to make a tester i would start off with a small square and then start cutting with
              leather scissors in a circle might have to make a couple of trims
              try to trim them straight as possible...then when your good enough
              do larger scraps...or go to the local trading post and purchase some
     could also order them on line (ej: noc, etc)
              or you could order the thong machine from tandy leather company
              it cost 20 or more bucks plus shipping and i thinkn it may have directions..
              never bought one personally so i dont know how well they work..
              theres also probably some other tools to cut leather( or deer skin) with..
              but speakin with thong...i dont think i wanna try wearin those again...too
              uncomfortable ...(ouch! hehehehe) :Angel2


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                HaHAHAHAHA !!!!

                You crack(pardon the pun) me up, Hidatsachick.

                You actually made & wore a leather thonG??!!!???!!:Eyepopper :Eyepopper



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                  HA HA HA!! You know..I am half tempted to make a buckskin thong, have a not so shy friend model it and then make a diagram of how to make one and post it here!!! Maybe even sell the pattern on my web page !!! LOL!!!
                  Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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