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Where to find porky hair

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  • Where to find porky hair

    Wheres a good place to buy porky hair from if your only making 1 or 2 roaches?

    Who has the longest stuff?

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    Most craft supply houses sell guard hair and you can get it from those places (I.e., Crazy Crow, Noc Bay, etc.). Now as for the 'long hair' LMAO...I guess that depends on what you are calling long. For what I call long you just aint going to get enough to make a good roach by buying just enough hair for a 1-2 roaches. Sorry to tell you but the only way you are going to get long hair is to either luck into it at some powwow or to buy a pound or two of hair. Just to give you an idea...out of a pound of average guard hair you will get less than one ounce of hair longer than 8". The problem is guard hair is sold bulk by weight so you get what you get. I do not know of any place the sells sorted hair anymore.


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      Mom and I order all of ours from they will send you a catalog if you request it. You can get just about anything you want. They are very reasonable in price and very quick in shipping your supplies...I will see what other catalogs we have and let you know if there are any other of luck to you...


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