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Trimming feathers

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  • Trimming feathers

    Since it has been a while since I posted anything,I thought it should be a question........In working with feathers,what is a good way to trim the wider type feathers?(i.e.,imitation hawk/eagle)I have used the masking tape method on feathers that are thinner(pheasant and parrot).Mainly it is the wide turkey feathers that I need ideas on.........thanks,M:Help :Help

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    Hmmm...I have always just done it very carefully with a pair of scissors...but what about a rotary cutter? Anyone?
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      hey there medic,
      i have always found that using something sharp was the best way to trim anything:Chatter .
      but seriously. i use the tape and trim method with all my imitation feathers that i get.



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        Rotary cutter

        I use a rotary cutter to trim feathers and it works great!:)


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          The masking tape works well for all feathers, just use wider tape! Rotary cutters work well too especially on long feathers. The one thing to keep in mind no matter what method you choose is to cut against the grain (in other words in the opposite direction the webbing is leaning). If you don't the webbing has the tendency of 'ducking' under your scissors.

          Hope that helps

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            Thanks for the replies(yes,even yours Keith.)I have been using a rotary cutter when using tape.I had heard about cutting against the 'grain' and forgot about it when working on feathers for a fan.Needless to say,they had to be retrimmed.I'll try some 2" tape .............and a sharp object.


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              I've seen special little scissors used by people who tie fishing flys. The blades have tiny teeth which grip the feather barbs and keep them from slipping as you cut. I think they sell for about $10 or thereabouts. You can always find them on ebay or at your local fly fishing supplier.


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                I just trim them carfully with a good pair of scissors.


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                  i was told to use silk/polyester sissors they have the small teeth on one blade and sharp cutting edge this is what i found to trim out my feathers


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