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Getting stains out of buckskin

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  • Getting stains out of buckskin

    Pards: My brother spilled some strawberry fruit drink in my bead box and ruined everything including a buckskin pouch that I had almost beadedand I think it may be ruined , it happened about november and i have been waiting until now to ask

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    Rob Young

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    how secure is the beadwork on it? you can try throwing it in the washing machine , no soap, no softener, no bleach.. you get the idea... otherwise, man, strawberries stain really good. Thats why they got used for dying things pink. Oh and don't throw it in the dryer either...
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      well the bead work is pretty tight , so i'll try it . I bought it in a kit rom mIcheals , off of a whim because i didn't have anything to do , and i wanted to practice lazy stitch but now I'm hoping to save it because hey that costed $$$MONEY$$$ and you guys know how cheap I am. thanks for your help blackbear.

      Rob young

      'i believe I can fly'
      Rob Young


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        You're gonna laugh, but I used my
        sis-in -law's skin cleanser. Worked really well. I used that and a wash cloth on and goit out some orange kool aid stains. Only problem is that the leather did streatch some. , but that was ok for me.


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          just be prepared in case it does'nt take out the stain but possibly the beadwork get's ruined. Let me suggest that you put it in a small cloth bag first or pillow case, something you can tie off or rubberband, so that the beads dont' get knocked around as much and if the beads do get knocked off, then they dont' go down the drain on ya
          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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