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  • Mirrors

    Um, does any one no where to get mirrors? I have seen alot of mirrors used on beadwork, and they look nice. So where do you get the small ones, you know the square ones that you can flip to make a diamond. How about the circle ones. I have my compacts, would I be able to take them out and use thwm. How could I take 'em out!? Help me out!:Angel2

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    Try Michael's Crafts. And sometimes Walmart carries them as well in their craft departments.
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      try ben franklin crafts or joann fabrics


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        i have seen them at all four places that were listed.



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          OK, how do get them to stay on? Plain ole glue on the back or do you need to make some sort of 'cuff' around it?

          When I make mirror boards I fit the small ones in perfectly with a little wood glue which forms a nice 'cuff' around the mirror, but beadwork I am guessing is a tad bit different.
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            E-6000 and Goop Glues seem to do well with holding metal to things like leather and fabric and glass. Or in this case , glass to glass. I will form a small cup itself and will remain flexible which is good. They are both also clear when they dry and thick enough that it won't completely saturate the area you are gluing the mirrors to. These are also good glues for glueing stones to things like leather to bead around. My best bet though, is to just put a little behind the mirror and then bead a cuff around it, that way you are covered well, but if the glue comes out the sides of the mirror, then it will be hard to put a needle through that area...I hope that makes sense.
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              Epoxy or super glue GEL regular super glue doesn't work as well.


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                I saw some small round ones @ Noc Bay.


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                  MIRROR MIRROR...
                  You can find mirrors in squares and circles. I have circle ones from about 1/2" on up. Same with the squares.
                  I have seen them at JoAnn's, Michaels, Ben Franklin, and WalMart. Try looking in a hobby shop/craft supply shop.
                  If not, then last but not least, go to a glass shop, and a glazier their can help you. Or, try a STAIN GLASS SHOP.
                  Hope this helps.


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                    Ive seen em all over BUT the ones I want no scratch that...the ones I HAVE to have are the smaller round ones, the diamond shaped ones, the triangle and heart shaped ones....I can find round and square already. I usually hit up arts & crafts stores or costume stores...but I cant find the mirrors I want...either that or theyve already sold out...
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                      and bingo was his name-o
                      Hey if you want to know what I typed in my browser to find this.. I put in... Small mirrors for crafts in bulk
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