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    Actually it would be fun..there have been tipis set up on the mall in the past and some REAL big tens for events...why not a whole tipi village. What a site and what a 49....Too bad there is no one to co-ordinate this with the dance.


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      how big of a space do u think u would need?
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        7th - 3rd streets preferrably!
        if not... then 3rd-4th streets would do considering that's where the museum is. i think they are gonna have one teepee set up outside the museum tho - that's all they really have space for... or all the space the museum will allow considering it's pw weekend and there's gonna be a lotta folks in town...
        anything off the museum property would have to be settled w/the nat'l pk. svc.
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          About ten years ago my friend's uncle (General Grant) was doing some shows on the mall and he was allowed to set up his tipis (overnight)... when we went back on one morning, there was a homeless person in one of but i dont see y they couldnt allow others.. i imagine it's a matter of paying for security or clearance. And watching out for your property..


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            Originally posted by 3ndnbear
            . . when we went back on one morning, there was a homeless person in one of

            Heck 3,

            That wasn't a homeless person....

            It was either SteveStopsSomeTime or QuickSilverWade, who was restin' his eyes.

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