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Tipi competitions...are there any???

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    Is there any information on this dance? Like when, what is the tipi competition? How does it go with the homecoming?


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      Originally posted by tipis
      Is there any information on this dance? Like when, what is the tipi competition? How does it go with the homecoming?

      There is not a dance associated with it. It is part of their college experience. It us unique that they would want their students to know about this aspect of Indian people.

      All my dad said (again this is second hand, from awhile ago) is that they open the competition with a prayer. He said the students study pretty hard to get their information about the tribe and tipi it represents.
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        Here's one for you

        Labor Day Sept. 1st - 5th, 2005
        Spokane Tribal Labor Day Celebration 91st Annual Powwow
        Come join in our celebration of the 91st Annual Labor Day Pow Wow featuring a Drum contest, 1881 special dance, Iron Man/Iron Woman, Indian Art Auction, 24 hr stickgame, Prairie Chicken Special, TeePee contest, Youth, Tiny Tot, and other dance categories.

        All vendors can contact Pat Moses @ (509)258-4655 or (509)458-6580.
        Any other Celebration Information Contact Wanda Abrahamson (509)458-6500, Gladys Abrahamson
        (509)458-6579 or you can E-Mail us at [email protected]. Fax (509)458-6581 Spokane
        Tribal Pow Wow Committee P.O. Box 205 Wellpinit, Wa. 99040
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