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Who knows how to RE STITCH a tee pee?

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  • Who knows how to RE STITCH a tee pee?

    me and my husband are deperately looking for a tee pee, to use in the next couple days, we have a tee pee, sitting in our garage, only the entire thing needs to be re stitched..........and i only have a regualr sewing machine.......any one able to do this for us? we can ship it, maybe? its a nice big tee pee, only the stitching is terrible! whole thing needs to be RE DONE!

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    Quite seriously, if you factor in the cost of labor, materials, and shipping, It would be about the same or cheaper to buy an industrial sewing machine. Hancock's has the ones made for schools for sale about once a month. Bonus is you keep the machine for other projects. These machines even sew leather. The Laubin's book will show you how to stitch it.
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      You could buy a tipi for what good industrial costs....but, use your own machine. Depending on how bad the sewing is missing or pullling out, fold and roll the cover to fit into the arm of the machine. What is wrong with the sewing???? According fold all other or roll out of the way. I have repaired an 18' tipi cover using a 1964 baby Singer. Use heavy thread, leather needle or larger thick needle, adjust for tension and thickness of material. If the material will not move thru on its own, adjust the "dogs" so there is more pressure on material or slowly and carefully , by hand, move it thru the sewing process. If you are only sewing 2 to 4 thicknesses of material...this will work. Get all the tables in the house around the sewing machine to help support the wieght of the canvas.

      Who made the tipi that the stitching is so bad or is it so old the stitches are rotting out???

      Most sewers are not going to remake the tipi...just go over what is there. That is all I would do and I have what you want...just not the time or people to help in the folding and re folding to sew. If it has to be remade....might as well get a new one.
      Or, go to an awning or canvas shop and have then sew it. No need to buy a machine unless you intend to go into business.

      Or, go to my site and find a tipi maker in the area and see if they can help you out.
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