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  • Making a tipi

    I live in Mexico, and me and some friends want to make a tipi. We┬┤ve been looking on the internet for instructions on how to make one, but all the ones that we found are to dificult to understand with our english. If someone could give me some information or tips, it will be very helpful. Thank you all.


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    There are NO instructions on the internet to make a tipi from start to finish. You are better off with a book by the Luabins on "tipis"....Try and you willl find the book. Some information is on my site.


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      yea, you're not really going to find any start to finish instructions on how to make tipis online. i learned from being around my Comanche friends. as a matter of fact, we were working on a tipi yesterday. for the poles, we used young... but not too young... pines. you have to strip the bark completely off and take off all limbs and "knots" and that alone took 2 full days to get about 20 done... and that was with like 3 ppl working on them, doing 2 tress at a time. it's no easy task... it's hard work and it deff makes a mess, espeically pine. lol
      Yigaquu osaniyu adanvto adadoligi nigohilvi nasquv utloyasdi nihi


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