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Snow, Rain, Lightning, Fires....

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  • Snow, Rain, Lightning, Fires....

    I'm being curious here, how many of you, or do you know people who have:

    1. Stayed in a tipi during a lightning storm?

    2. Ever been hit by lightning during a storm?

    3. Stayed in a tipi during a snow storm? How deep? How cold?

    4. Stayed in a tipi during the summer heat? How hot?

    5. Had a tipi burn down on them?

    Tim n'Tennessee

    I love my tipi's. I'll never be homeless with them.

    History is written by the winners.

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    Chalk me up for quite a few storms. I've never been hit by lightning, but it's sure been close a number of times. I've camped in 102F-103F temperatures in Kansas, that didn't seem as hot as the upper 90 degree temps in North Texas.


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      Ok...I have had about every disaster that can happen in a luck. also one of them. However, it was not the lightening striking the pole but conducting the strike from the ground or a bolt hit the tip of one of my tipi poles. With a big storm you have rain...water is a conductor of lightening or objects that get wet. There was a big storm many years ago with rain and lightening...I was on a metal box tying to shift a pole and the interior rain cover. Water was coming down the pole and I was gripping it. Next thing I know...I was thrown across the tipi into the other side. What saved my neck was the fact I was wearing rubber flip flops. My hands were tingly...the hair a little on end...but alive to write this tale. I think I am alive...too many accidents...never know. Oh! there was no damage to the cover...tip of one pole loooked a bit singed when taken down. I guess that was my lucky day or night.


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        Tipi in the Snow

        I had a tipi for over 25 years and I'm thinking about getting another one. My old one was 16' Cheyenne design. I have used it in the snow on many occassions. The deepest snow I ever used it in was about 8 inches. I always had a fire in mine in cold weather and with the liner up and the smoke flaps adjusted it was very nice, bright and warm.


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