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National Powwow Congrats...TWD Bear

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  • TWDBear
    Originally posted by Jarrard View Post
    Congrats. to TWD Bear for coming in 3rd Place in the National National Powwow at Danville. Ill. Know he has a great tipi.

    Thank you.

    It wasn't to hot up there the first couple of days but the last couple of days, it got pretty hot and humid. Decided to straight dance the first two nights but it was to hot the last few nights to even dance gourd. And dancing during the days was out of the question for me.

    Hopefully next National will draw more than the 10 tipi's there.


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  • Jarrard
    started a topic National Powwow Congrats...TWD Bear

    National Powwow Congrats...TWD Bear

    Congrats. to TWD Bear for coming in 3rd Place in the National National Powwow at Danville. Ill. Know he has a great tipi.

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