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  • tipi floors

    a freind resently gave me one of his old tipis there is just one problem he lost the floor and dose not remember the size of the tipi how do you mesure for a new floor and would it be best to buy new floor form crazy crow or some were of the like
    or make one there is a canvis store near were i live
    thanks james

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    Why do you need a new floor? I always thought you just put your blankets on the ground inside your tipi?

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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      A floor is not necessary, you may be thinking of the liner which is for maximum effiecency... you'll be able to measure it when you put it up... enjoy there's no finer way to camp!!
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        I'm pretty sure..I've always had to sit on the dirt floor..with lots of blankies around. Not the most comfortable..but a nice memory foam floor would be great...haha
        Sorry, usually there is no floor.
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          Us urban ndn's use pergo in our teepees

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            I use my buffalo skins! That laid over a bed of cedar!!
            If there were a real floor in it, how could you make a fire??
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              Originally posted by Josiah View Post
              Us urban ndn's use pergo in our teepees

              I vote for Pergo!!!

              I can't see using a canvas floor, unless you were in a damp area.

              Rugs and old carpet are MUCH better...if you need a floor.

              For 2 summers my family stayed in tipis (we ran a TeePee Campground), we didn't have any floors. My mom had a rug by her bed.


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                Whoops! That should have been posted under ME!
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