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  • Help with Deer Skin

    I have a deer skin with Chief Red Eagle painted on it. It is very old it was my grandfathers and I inherited it. I'm not sure of the age of the painting. If my grandfather was alive today he would be 112 years old. It needs to be put on a wood branch frame and stretched. I live near LeRoy, IL where pow wows are held. If there is anyone in the area that has done this and would like to do this for me I will pay them.


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    I wouldn't stretch it... if it's as old as you it is you run the chance of ruining the painting by making it crack, or ruining the hide it self. If you insist on stretching in a wooden frame be very, very careful.
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      That was great advise - thanks. I just want it mounted like it should look with sticks and leather. Or should I just frame it with glass? What would you do?

      Thanks again,


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        Make your own frame to honour him, start with a sheet of plywood and tack the edge of the skin to it. DO NOT stretch it, you will rip it! Once you have the tacks in place you can see how much room you have to add things to it that would remind you of your grandfather! You may want to do collage effects to it to state the history of your family>>>??
        Then as a border you could add a stick frame by drilling holes on the edge of the plywood then attaching the sticks by leather lacing or sinew. You could even hang feathers from it???? There are many options to declaring a family piece and giving it respect that it deserves but stretching it now is way toooooo late and will destroy a dry leather piece faster than you could even think possible.
        Do you paint??? Add pics!
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