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16' Painted Tipi for Sale

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  • Yonaltsequeneda
    This Teepee Has Been Sold.

    My apologies for neglecting to delete this post.

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  • Yonaltsequeneda
    Tipi is Still for Sale, price reduced a lot

    Well the auction for the tipi ended but whomever purchased it backed out of the deal. And my buddy has some sort of disagreement with eBay so he's not going to relist it with them (what the details are I've no idea -- ignorance IS bliss!).

    He's going to post the tipi locally on Craigs List, but wanted to know if I let folks know about it on this forum. I replied "Yes -- but how much??" He said $1,000 plus shipping. The link to the tipi details at the top of this thread still works, it's got all the details.

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  • Yonaltsequeneda
    Tipi Auction Ends Today in 3 Hours @ pm PST

    I meant it ends at 7 pm Pacific Standard time,
    8 pm Mountain
    9 pm Central
    10 pm Eastern
    Last edited by Yonaltsequeneda; 05-01-2013, 08:03 PM. Reason: correcting typos!

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  • wyo_rose
    This "ad" has been approved by the big guy.

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  • Yonaltsequeneda
    started a topic 16' Painted Tipi for Sale

    16' Painted Tipi for Sale

    A friend of mine is selling his custom-painted Nomadics tipi on eBay. He didn't know of any other online venue for selling it so I'm posting it here for him. One cool thing with eBay is the buyer has 6 months in which to pay for the tipi...and it's interest free.

    Full details at link:

    Plains Style 16 Feet Diameter Tipi Hand Painted Free Shipping | eBay
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