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Introduction to Loom Work

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  • Hey Beadman can you believe this thread is still alive after all this time? Kinda cool
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


    • taper

      hmm yeah my piece is 39 beads wide

      another question.... lol..

      where should i knot the (warp?? the thread that runs the entire length of the piece) to? the next warp thread? wont that cause a curve? well i can correct it when i sew on a backing right?!?

      what if there is no backing?


      • I don't understand your question. You don't knot a warp thread to another warp thread, that would look weird and I don't think it would work. 39 beads is a bit too long to end the first way I described, but you could try it. If no backing then you will have to find a way to either weave in the threads or something. What is it that you are making that wide that doesn't need a backing?


        • Weave and glue

          Beadman have you tried this-
          I weave the thread through for about an inch on either end (so you have an inch of just solid thread) then put some watered down elmers glue on it, then let it dry before I cut it off the loom.
          This does help hold the warp threads in the long run. And I don't have to use tape (unless it is not getting mounted for a while, as in it is going in the display case)


          • tapering

            It's a grass dance harness I wanted it to taper at the end if i need to I can add some plain white beads at the end which will also help with the flow...


            • To make things taper I use ladder stitch after I weave and finish the loomed part


              • SPOTTEDEAGLE-Loom Beading?

                I may be too late, don't always get on, new to this world, been attending PowWow's 2 years now, heading for Tahlequah, Ok Early Oct 08 for Keetoowah Event.
                Moving along, is there a way I get easier instructions, to do this bead work? Pictures? Make one? I am new to this, and want to make some beaded barretts, ankle and wrist bracelets. Keep it simple, I am mid 60's senior.
                Also HOW do I find a posting about HOW to finish our basket we started last Oct 07, which I posted?
                May I ask one more question? Can I also with a shawl, get up and dance in the wide circle at the Pow Wow's?
                Thank you kindly, Helene 9/24/08


                • Originally posted by nt_inuk View Post
                  :JawDrop Amaz'n art spottedeagle
                  awesome work. i wish i had the patience and time.


                  • 10-30-10 LOOMS? Email

                    I tried to open the loom/craft/bead site, but said to sign in, I did, and kept loosing where to go. HOW can I correct this, when I get hotmail about the looms or other items here in POW WOW site? Thanks Helene
                    Looms 9517 by Apache Girl was in my email link.


                    • Originally posted by spottedeagle View Post
                      I use a program called beadesigner 1.0 to come up with designs. I put a link in a couple other threads and I also put a thread of the link on here a while back. I really like the program and think it's a lot easier to use and to change than using paper and colored pencils. For the sake of keeping things simple and quick I did a small design. Something like you would use on a bracelet.
                      The key thing to remeber when making a design is it is simplest to use an odd number of rows. That is the normal rule and the way I was taught. This will keep you pattern centered. But it is possible to use an even number of rows for certain things. Depends on what you are beading! Rules are always ment to be broken, or at least bent on ocassion.
                      where did ypu find the program?


                      • Moderator!!!

                        You need to ban the spammer bot, startrackerplus!!!!

                        Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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                        • huh

                          I just don't get it.


                          • Originally posted by spottedeagle View Post
                            If anyone has any questions, needs better examples or a better explanation of anything.....Please post them here, PM me, e-mail me and I'll be more than happy to do my best to give you an answer or put you in touch with someone who can help you if I can't.

                            I've only been doing loom work for less than a year, but it's something I picked up really quickly. Not to mention it's something I really enjoy doing.

                            I have a couple pics in the gallery of the piece I'm working on right now.
                            I appreciate you explaining in basic instructions on Loom Work - I realize this is an older post of yours - but, it is much appreciated the time you have spent.

                            I am new to Looming, and have found that I enjoy it very much - I can't wait to read more posts. Thank you again for the time spent!


                            • Beadtool4

                              As I am new here - I have not gone through all of the postings yet.

                              Has anyone purchased this beadtool program and used it with success?


                              BeadTool - Beading Software | Beading Design Software Made Easy


                              Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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