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    Glad you find the tutorial helpful.

    For sewing your appliques, hopefully you are using a a very close stitch length- almost like a satin stitch. At tight corners, I sew past the corner only enough to equal the width of my row of stitching. I put the needle down in the OUTSIDE position so that when I lift up the presser foot and pivot my work to sew the next side, I am actually sewing over the last bit of the previous sides's stitiching. I hope that makes sense. If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see the corners are a little darker, because of the overlapped sewing there. Some people pivot with the needle on the inside edge and this is okay but it does leave little gaps in the corners.

    What are you using the Fray-chek on?


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      Thanks Czechy

      thank you!

      That makes perfect sense. I tightened my stitch and then made sure I had the needle on the outside. Before I did that I was having trouble zigging instead of zagging (LOL!) and having the seam after the corner turn go on the inside instead of along the edge of the applique fabric. ACK!

      I am using ribbon for the applique fabric. It was fraying, so I was using that Dritz fray check on the edges. When I switched to a tighter stitch, you couldn't see the marks anymore because they were covered. Is it better to use satin instead of ribbon? I want shine, but it satin frays less I'll use that. I am practicing now before I do THE appliques. It is for a T-dress.

      It is getting late, so I had better call it a night.

      Thanks again for all your help. I WILL get this!


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        Are you fusing the ribbon to a stabilizer? A good stabilizer like Wonder-Under or the Heat-n-Bond Lite will prevent fraying and give some body to thin fabrics. The double-sided kind will allow you to "glue" on your applique to the base fabric so there is no need to pin it for sewing down. If you use the stabilizer, you won't need the Fray-chek. The only time I would not use a stabilizer is when doing the snip-n-fold style of ribbonwork, which is a different method altogether.

        Ribbon can be used for applique but you'll find it more economical and a wider choice of colors if you use yard goods. Yes, satin is a very popular choice. There are several grades of satin, some being very thin (usually called costume satin and its the cheapest) while at the other end is the bridal satin which is heavier (and more expensive). I prefer the medium to heavier satins. They wear better and look nicer.


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          I actually had some satin lying around and tried that vs. the ribbon last night, and it worked much better. I am using Steam a Seam. I think I have read that Wonder Under is a bit more stiff than Steam a Seam, so I will look for that at the store when I go tonight to get my scissors sharpened.

          Thanks again!

          Take care


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            Hey Czechy.. I forgot this thread was here and made a small applique tutorial myself but it was for ribbonwork strips... would you be offended if I just added it to this tutorial?
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              Heck, why not?

              Feel free to attach your work, Blackbear. There's more than one way to do ribbonwork or applique so it will benefit everyone to show the various methods people use.


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                Thanks.. I just did'nt want to come off rude in assuming it was ok, and did'nt want to start a new thread like yours or Paul's was'nt good enough or something. I'll try to get it up tonight or in the morning.
                Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                  Yes please share, im sure there are plenys who need the help! and would enjoy all they could learn...
                  I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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                    Props to Czechy for starting this very helpful thread! :D


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                      Thanks for the tutorial...I had heard of a way to do it, but I was struggling to stop the fraying without using Fray-chek or something similar. The backing definitely helps.

                      I have heard that it is possible to use applique to decorate one's mocs. Would one sew the applique on before the soles, or how would that work? (thanks in advance)


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                        Yes, you would stitch your appliques onto your moc uppers before attaching the soles. Muuuuuch easier that way!


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                          Thanks for putting this up ! I hadn't even thought about trying ribbonwork but this made me want to go poke around in my fabric stash.



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                            Just thought I would make sure that there wasn't some secret to stitching the applique on after the soles or not...why try something and find out the hard way that there is an easier solution, when you can ask somebody who has being doing this for a while.


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                              ribbon work

                              I found this Cherokee ribbon shirt at google (which is how I found this forum)

                              Can anyone tell me how far down the back of the shirt the ribbons extend? Are they completely sewn down?
                              My book by Sizemore doesn't list ribbon shirt patterns.



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