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help making a horsehair bustle

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  • help making a horsehair bustle

    does anyone have instructions on making a horsehair bustle?

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    ??? what exactly do you mean? attaching the horse hair feather decorations, or the entire bustle?
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      I would like to make a bustle like this or similar ones found on the net---I see the hair is folded in half then the yarn/string is wrapped around it, what I am not sure on is the center, I can tell by other pics there is bead work on leather, but how is the horsehair attached? can't find any instructions on a how to.


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          Navajo Beaded Horse Hair Bustle
          PRICE: $225.00 CODE: SNN275A

          Perfect for dance or pow wow regalia or reenactments, when not in use these are usually hung prominently on the wall to display the hand work. This Navajo horse hair bustle would look great as a decoration for southwest style or western decor. Measures 16" in diameter.
          This dance bustle is part of the regalia worn by and Indian dancer during a dancing ceremony. The dancer would wear their back tied around their waist. Created with very expensive natural horse hair this bustle is very well made and also feature elaborate hand beading on the center.
          This is a very unique Native American dance bustle. Made with genuine horse hair this bustle is an actual Native made adornment by the Navajo Indians.


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            To make that is fairly easy... first get a big old brass dream catcher hoop.. the bigger the better. Then cover it with a layer of leather, wrapped TIGHT and then glue the ends. Then take your horse hair and roll over the hoop and then wrap it with a long lace piece,,, then between hair groupings add floating beads on the lace and then wrap around the next batch of hair. Then with a long lace go from the outside towards the center and add another hoop covered in lace and again the floating beads on top.If you want to you can add bear teeth on the center one to give it a wee bit of attitude I don't like the snowflake center as much. But then again it is my opinion and we all know how you think of that ... lol right!

            You can make minis too for your arms!!!
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              i been seeing more and more of these at shops over last few years....never on the dance arena kinda thinking how i can make a set that is 3/4 circle and bigger......wouldnt that be something?
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                completed bustle

                my husband did make a horsehair bustle for our wedding . He has danced with it in the circle as he was waiting for his eagle to come from the repository. We made 3 wooden circles, 1 smaller than the other 2 (the same size) like an oreo cookie. We wrapped all of our horse hair pieces with yarn. Once ready to assemble, we took a needle and sinew and went through each piece and put beads in between each horsehair to keep the spacing. Wrapped the facing circle with leather, added a design with some beads. NOTE it ends up being pretty heavy, can add some type of should strap to take the weight off the back. Our eagle did come, so now it is a wall decoration for the time being.
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