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  • matte nation

    I hope I spelled that right-

    who are these people? they call them selves the Matte Nation. doesn anyone know anything about them. they look white(ish) all the reading i have done says they are whites from Qubec, Canada. half Huron to 1/16th Huron and they moved accross to form Manitoba..
    Hell, there are no rules here--we're trying to accomplish something.
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    Matte?? are you talking about Metis??
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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      I think those that are only 1/16th Huron would be called Semi-Mattes. Unless of course, their other parent was a Gloss, in which case they're known as Satins.
      - zeph


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        hahahaha....that was funny zeph!


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          pretty good zeph

          oh but anyway haven't heard of this tribe.
          Well will wonders never cease.....


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            I think they're more along the lines of a bunch of white people to **claim** to be huron.. like their great great great great whatever was a huron princess of somehting..
            Hell, there are no rules here--we're trying to accomplish something.
            - Thomas A. Edison


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              Métis Nation

              This nation originated in Canada. They are "mixed" blood Indians and formed their own tribal band called the Métis Nation . Do a search on "metis" and you'll come up with a lot of results.

              There are many different ways to pronounce "Métis." The most common pronunciation in Ontario is "MAY-tee." or "may-TEE."
              I've noticed people from Saskatchewan are more likely to say "mitiss", or MET-iss" or "mi-TISS. I have been warned that "mitiss," in one Northern Saskatchewan dialect, also refers to a portion of the human anatomy where the sun never shines.

              During the First Ministers Conferences on Aboriginal Matters some people from the Maritimes pronounced it "May-Tay,"as if it were two words.

              (Upper case is used to identify the most heavily accented syllable.)
              "The poorest person is a person without a family" -Crow Indian proverb.


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