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Decorations on tipis of poles.

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  • Decorations on tipis of poles.

    How many of you decorate the tips of your poles and with what? and do they have any meaning?

    I fly green ribbons which are to show wind directions and scare off some of the birds that like to "poop" on my cover. That is murder to get off.....I hate blueberry season.:Cry


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    I've got a flock of crows that sit on my lodge. That is how George Bent describes them. Actually they are strips of hide with the long hair off the neck and forelegs of buffalo. They do look like a flock of crows.

    Ken Weidner


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      I also have crows, thanks to Whirlwind.


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        Decorations on tipi poles

        What do you use / what is your source of poles in Florida? Right around the corner on the Mississippi gulf coast, lodgepole pines are impossible to find.


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          Cyress poles are some of the best in the country.
          NO sticky sap and they peel real nice, last a long time too.



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            Decorations on tipi poles

            Many thanks to the bro in Jax, Florida.
            I've tried the giant bamboo that grows here but they just don't last. Cypress makes sense when you consider how that lumber lasts. I'll give it a try.

            Again, many thanks and just

            keep smilin'


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              The "bro" in Jax.???? Now I have been called a lot of things in my life, but never "bro".
              Most people call me Holley or Mam or a few other choice words I cannot say here and do not get away with. Ok, now you can just call me Mr. tipis......sir. :Chatter



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