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  • The Four Directions

    What is the farthest North, South, East and West you have been thus far in your life? (Flyovers, sea or land contact is included).

    OK - I'll go first...

    NORTH - Thule, Greenland, August 1990
    SOUTH - McMurdo Station (US), Antarctica, Jan-Feb 1991
    EAST - Bremerhaven, Germany, August 1990
    WEST - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, December 1990

    All of the above were by sea, onboard USCGC Polar Sea (WAGB-11).
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    That is really far!
    Mine are not that spectacular!

    NORTH: London 1997 (changing plane)
    EAST: Budapest 1980 (family trip)
    SOUTH: Cyprus 1985 (family trip)
    WEST: Dallas (TX) 1997 (visiting a friend)

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      Mine is not as worldly. But they were all enjoyable adventures.

      NORTH: Port Angels, Washington
      SOUTH: Mazatlan, Mexico
      EAST: Orlando, Flordia
      WEST: the beach (I am in Southern Cali.)
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        lets see...

        NORTH - Nome

        SOUTH - Tijauna

        EAST - Thailand

        WEST - Califonia, Oregon, Washington

        Not to far traveled but I have had som adventure in my life
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        • #5
          EAST - Saarbrucken, Germany
          SOUTH - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
          WEST - Fairbanks, Alaska
          NORTH - Fairbanks, Alaska
          - zeph


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            North...Tok Alaska...
            South ..Galveston, TX
            East..somewhere in upstate NY
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              North--Douglas, Alaska ( just living there)
              South--Bahamas (honeymooning)
              East--East coast of the US and Canada (lived in 4 states, visiting the rest)
              West--West coast of the US and Canada (lived in 4 states, visiting Canada)

              Ya'll got me beat by a lot of miles!:D

              PS: Neat ship!


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                I have not traveled outa the USA ,cept fo my visit to Canada.

                North.....Vancouver BC
                South..... SanDiego
                East...Washington DC

                Wakalapi..what a kewel photo and sure musta been some great adventures aboard that ship!
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                  (This is embarrassing :Blush )

                  North.....Toronto (I can't believe that's the farthest I've been)
                  South..... Barbados
                  East...Suzdal, Russia
                  West..Lincoln City, OR

                  Budapest Selina!?! Magyar szamarszasu vagy?
                  Ha nem tudod hova mész, nem tévedhetsz el.
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                  - Hungarian proverb


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                    Hey Succubus...would'nt Russia be considered north? LOL I am a little lost when it comes to geography ...I guess since I live up here in Alaska and Russia is West of us...I would consider it west...but from down below I would consider it north... Oh I don't know...I was wondering if I should have put Hawaii as both west and east ????? It is kinda floating out there in the middle of that line is'nt it???
                    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


                    • #11
                      North: Vancouver, British Columbia 1993 (went shopping with Mom)

                      South: Guantanamo Bay,Cuba 1979 (Navy Brat)

                      East: Newport , Rhode Island 1975 still (still a Navy brat)

                      West: Bremerton, Washington 1993 (SCA event when I lived in Everett, WA)

                      I don't get around much;)
                      No matter where you go, there you are.


                      • #12
                        Around even less..

                        North... Baltimore
                        South... Miami
                        East... East coast
                        West... Texas


                        • #13
                          four directions

                          I spent 20 years traveling the high seas in the Navy

                          East - either - Izmir Turkey or Schyelle Island - Navy
                          West - LA, Ca - Vacation
                          North Duluth, MN - Navy
                          South - Capetown, South Africa - Navy


                          • #14
                            north - Sandy Lake, Ontario
                            east - Jamaica (Is that east?)
                            west - Little Pine, Saskatchewan (I think that was the name)
                            south - Orlando, Florida

                            I don't even know my directions! Is that right? God help us all, I'm a student right now who's planning to go into a geography related field! HA HA


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                              Tecumapese - I take it you are a fellow Shellback:D
                              Are you a Golden Dragon? We crossed "the place" and I am a Golden Shellback. I am also a Bluenose Polar Bear, and whatever we became in Antarctica (besides colder than hell).

                              (These are military line crossing initiations, for the civilian-impaired, no tribal clanship claimed by these titles).
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