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    There are many ways of being introduced. Our family uses the roaching of the boys to introduce them and the girls are plumed. We introduce the babies as soon as we can. We use our family song and then give a gift to the drum. We have a dinner for friends and family. Our giveaway is usually the best we can, a formality I'm sure but a great time for the young person to be recognized. This is their time to be recognized as a dancer and a young adult. So why take this moment away from the young person or new dancer. This is their time in the lime light.

    The Ilonshkas recognize the dancer(s). This and other dances are a long time tradition that must be respected.

    This is just a restated thought.


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      a new dancer

      Ok so what I am suppose to do here? I was not introduced to the circuit. I simply began dancing after much of my own research of my family and of the native ways of my people. I made my own outift and have altered it to what I have seen and new things I learn. I was not raised to know any of my indian heritage, like I said I have learned it all on my own. I do have one friend that has sort of helped me, more supported me, but her significant other has tried to make things hard for me (even going as far as spitting at me at my first powwow that I danced at) because he does not believe I am indian. If he would just talk to me about it, I have all kinds of proof! but anyway, I am now teaching my children to dance and have danced with my newborn baby in my arms. So how am I suppose to have a giveaway when I really have had no mentors. Any suggestions. Does this make me an "untrue" dancer?


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        I started dancing at spectator powwows before I knew anything about giveaways....before I knew anyone. Those powwows didn't even have giveaways, as far as I knew. (bored the straights, I suppose)

        I didn't dance right away though...kinda funny that...I just didn't feel like I earned the right...then one year I heard them call out for veterans, saw people dancing in regular street clothes. I asked about it and was kinda nudged in. 'Get in there girl, you served, g'head'. And that's how I danced for awhile.

        But I got to learn a bit more and met a wonderful family who took me and my daughter into their homes and I learned more about what it's all about. We now have family who show us what giveaway is all about.

        I can't wait til we get back there, all dressed out and do it right!
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          Here is my take on this subject.

          Where I am from, people have giveaways for different reasons, but what it mostly comes down to is that it is one way of sending out prayers. When they are giving items out they are giving them out to as many people from as far away as possible, so that way the prayer that they have said for their road ahead will travel far.

          It is not something that is necessary, however it is looked at as a good thing to do, for the sake of sending out prayers for yourself and family.

          Also, a lot of pow-wows around here have time set aside for things such as this. Like the afternoon before the pow-wow starts. Some people around here have also taken care of this in their own houses. They would call up some people and ask them to come over and help take care of it.
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            thank you

            Thank you to all of you who have responded. You have all given me things to think about. But now I have more questions.
            I have not had any mentors to have a giveaway for. I have like one person that has sort of helped me and I would like to give her a giftm but how am I suppose to give myself a coming out?
            Also would any one like to take me and my family under your wing so to speak and help us to learn more of our culture and tribal heritage and traditions? We are Cherokee (Oklahoma band) and Flathead (from montana). I live in the Pacific Northwest area.
            Again Thanks!


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