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The Legend of the Dream Catcher

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  • The Legend of the Dream Catcher

    The Legend of the Dream Catcher

    The Old Ones tell that dreams hold great power and drift about at night before coming to the sleeping ones.
    To keep the dreamer safe, the Old Ones created a specail web, the Dream Catcher, to hang above thier sleeping places.
    When dreams traveled the web paths, the bad dreams lost thoer way and were entangled, disappearing with the first ray of daybreak.
    The good dreams, knowing the way, passed through the center and were guided gently to the sleeping ones.

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    Did you see the previews for the cheezy new movie coming out about dream catchers?:Mad
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      Movies?? whats that?

      No I haven't.
      I really dont watch movies esp ndn movies made by the whiteman like that one they made where the white man learn how to say buffalo in lakota.
      I find that whiteman made-movies bout ndns gives false pretense on our people. They just throw anything in the movie to make it look good but they never speak the truth.
      I do find it funny when they have a whiteman play the role of an ndn, they look so retarded trying to act as an ndn when they don't know one thing bout the ndns.

      Speaking of dream catchers hopefully in the next few days I'll have my beaded dream catcher all done and post a pic of it in the gallery.


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        Cool I'll have to check out the pic. I enjoy the words posted.


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          That movie is'nt exactly about dreamcatchers... it is based on the book the dreamcatcher by Steven King if that tells you anything, but hubby has read the book and said don't be decieved by the name.
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            Steven King!!!!!

            I think that says about everything!
            He normally writes terrible stories!

            There are just 2 that were interesting to read and to see the movie!

            1) A short story called "hope springs eternally"
            they made the movie "Shawshank redemption out of it"

            2) "the running man" which he wrote under a pseudonym

            Everything else makes me shudder in a very very negative sense!!!
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              Just wondering, is the shape of the original dreamcatcher a tear drop shape?
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                Tear drop catcher????

                As far as I have known the Dream Catcher was always round.
                I got pics from the old days where mini catchers were sewn onto cradleboards and they are round.
                Nowdays I seen catchers made by the white people which I must admit I laugh my a$$ off when I see them. They will add just about anything to them, surprising they haven't attached the kitchen sink to one yet.
                I was so offended the day a white man tried his best to sell me one of his made catcher, turkey just didn't know what NO is.
                Oh well life is grand I can always use a good laugh now and then.


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                  Kitchen Sink? lmao TwoHawks

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