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Skinwalkers....What ya think?

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  • Skinwalkers....What ya think?

    So what did everyone that watched skinwalkers think of the movie?
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    Thumbs up for Skinwalkers! Been a Hillerman fan for ages! Coolness!Way to go, Wes. Congrats!


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      I enjoyed it. Wish it could have gone a little more into the detective's wife's cancer and maybe shown that she was getting better with the native medicine.
      One vote wonder.


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        Geez!!!!!! We never get the cool movies up here in Canada! Can anyone let me know if there is a website or something so that I can see if there will be any showings of it in Western Canada ? I have read the book, and would love to see it in movie format. Thanks!



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          Okay I'm pissed! I spent all day doing my chores around the house, cooking, cleaning, and washing so I'd have nothing loomin over my head while I watched. The boys went to bed but the 21 month old gal was still up. So we cozy up on the couch, and whatdya know- I FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I got most of it, but dozed off too many times, like, duh at the END!

          Without giving the end away, can someone tell me what Micheal Greyeyes' character's connection was with the sick little kid in the lead factory?

          And when did Leaphorn's wife have her ceremony? ( I saw that in the after thingy, the making). Dang! TOo bad my vcr is crap or I'da taped it and everything would make sense!

          Oh well, somethin's better than nothin.


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            I enjoyed it..good story...

   can buy it.. 1-800-playpbs...24.98 on dvd...can't remember how much for VHS
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              I liked it. It was really good- with one exception:

              1. The details leading up to finding out who the real killer is. I think it would have been better to see exactly "how" they both deduced who the person was. Showing how each processed the information they obtanied, and how they come up with the truth, would have been vital in showing how different the characters takes were on investigating and other police-related work.

              But I am heavily into suspense and Mystery- and I think the best ones are the ones that show the "think process" of each person or persons, and the diversity between the characters playing against or with each other- because it makes it all the more interesting.

              But the cast was great, the timing on everything else was great, the lead up and the ending, it left me wanting to see more (which is always a plus!!)!

              My mum and I were talking and we thought that with so many of Hillerman's books out there, that they should make them into 16 week mini-series (such as they did in "band of brothers" and other "mini-series" based on books) based on two books at a time (consecutive or not in their publications) Just kind of add them into each other... It would also give other Indians the opportunity to appear as *guest stars* and maybe get some newcomers out to the movie-going audience!

              AND ALSO- THAT WAY, there would be more Adam Beach to see! haha!

              So My Rating FOR IT IS:
              :Thumbs :Thumbs:Thumbs :Thumbs :Thumbs :Thumbs

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                Thanks Pawnee, for bringing up some good points. One cool thing is seeing people you know. I didn't know Saginaw Grant was in it. It's cool to see him on tv and know you can head out to the arena and see him there just like everyone else. Then enters in AP. I was like, "dang, now we know where they were those weekends!"


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                  Could Che have been a BIGGER bumbling idiot? I havent read any Hillerman books but is he a stupid cop in all the other books? I thought it was a sad example of a tribal police officer.
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                    I love it. it was something the whole family agree on(something that never happens)


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                      what about when leaphorn takes emma to the hospital and a nurse acutally walks up to her at the doors and offers to help emma into the room....???
                      never see that at any IHS aroudn here!

                      I thought that was cool though
                      Well will wonders never cease.....


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                        My parents sat throught the whole thing * I have no idea how* but I already knew Micheal Greyeyes was ths Skinny. It was so obvious, the unobvious being the antagonist. LOL Naaaaah I thought it was boring, and the mysterious scenes where really left flat. I noticed a few boo boo's *like Adam Beach saying he was a medicine man, real medicine men dont say they are medicine men* I just couldnt appreciate it.....

                        Maybe if Adam Beach and Micheal Greyeyes left theyre hair long, it would have been worth checkin into everynow and then, but after the first 30 minutes, I threw my hands up and went and conditioned for some mean fancy shawling.......and to think I almost missed my routine for that movie, eeks!:Chatter

                        Sorry, It was no good....

                        But the cat did a great job!!!
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                          I liked it. Especially the part where Drew Lacapa made a cameo appearance. I said to myself, what's an Apache doin in the movie???, but it was all good.
                          Yeah i figured out pretty quickly who the Skinwalker was, but hey, it was a good example of traditional and contemporary Natives.
                          Did anyone manage to watch the documentary about Indians on Alcatraz???? I don't know if that was just Az but it happened to be a very good docu. I just had an essay question concerning how it affected Native American Identity and my argument seems to have been valid....I smell an A.....:o
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                            I thought it was a great movie! I also felt it ended too soon, or maybe that was because I wanted to look at Adam Beach some more.....:)


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                              I'm a big Hillerman fan too, I enjoy the books and the one movie I've got to see, The Dark Wind, Fred Ward played Leaphorn, and the kid that played in Labamba was Chee, it was pretty good!

                              I'm sooo disappointed that I missed Skinwalker. Who played who?

                              Someday I'm going to find, and read all the books in chronological order.
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